A Look Into Kief and What It Can Be Used For

A Look Into Kief and What It Can Be Used For1

A Look Into Kief and What It Can Be Used For  Kief are the resin glands that form sticky crystal covering the buds and flowers of the cannabis plant. The crystal are also known as the pollen or dry sift of the plant. These resin glands produce a concentrated form of cannabinoids, the chemicals in the cannabis flowers that have therapeutic benefits. The cannabinoids are important for medical marijuana patients because of th

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Experience a Cannabis Overdose? Tips to Counteract an Extreme High

Cannabis Overdose - Brockton, Massachusetts

If you’re a novice medical cannabis user, there is the slight risk of biting off more than you can chew; literally and figuratively. Consuming too much marijuana can provide unwanted and undesirable side effects that can deter someone from obtaining the optimal treatment results for their given medical condition. While over-consumption is referred to as (for lack of a better term) "overdosing", we want to stress one fact. In all of

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Cannabis Concentrates Explained

Cannabis Concentrates - Brockton, Massachusetts

Medical marijuana (MMJ) patients in the modern age could be considered spoiled compared to past generations of cannabis enthusiasts. The reason for this is because, with the evolved understanding of cannabis as a legitimate medical option and newer methods of ingestion, patients can obtain better results than ever in treating their ailments. One of the more recent paradigm shifts in treating medical conditions with MMJ is with cannabis concentrat

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Terpenes Can Provide Medical Benefits

Cannabis Terpenes

Medical marijuana patients may not be aware of what terpenes are and how cannabis is affected by them. However, they experience the benefits of the aromas every time they use marijuana for medicinal purposes. We will help medical marijuana patients become more familiar with this term and help them gain an understanding of its benefits. Terpenes are extremely beneficial to the human body. There are different strains, each contributing beneficia

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