Mixing Medications: How Cannabis Can Interact With Other Prescriptions

Mixing Medications - Brockton, Massachusetts

Patients using medical marijuana (MMJ) understand the responsibility that comes with possessing their certification. From abiding by state laws and regulations to keeping their MMJ card valid and updated; they understand that even though cannabis is continuously proving to be less harmful than most pharmaceutical alternatives, it is still a medication and shouldn't be taken lightly. This is especially true for patients with debilitating condition

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Transdermal Cannabis Patches For Targeting Specific Ailments

Transdermal Cannabis Patches

Doctors and medical science have made great strides in discovering and harnessing the healing capabilities of the cannabis plant. We now know more than ever about how medical marijuana (MMJ) interacts with body systems not only by smoking it but also through a variety of other means of ingestion. In addition to increased education, the community of physicians and other major players in the industry are constantly developing new

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MMJ Education: How to Explain Your Meds to Family

MMJ Education - Brockton Massachusetts

If your doctor has certified you as a medical marijuana patient, you have taken an important step towards improving the quality of your life. However, the societal stigma around cannabis use is still lingering, albeit among a lesser percentage of the population, and isn't accepted as a legitimate medical treatment in the eyes of certain individuals. Even though medical marijuana (MMJ) is legal in more than half of U.S. states, it remains illegal

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Grow or Purchase Cannabis? Weighing Your Options

Grow or Purchase Cannabis

Growing cannabis from home can seem like an attractive option for MMJ patients. It gives you the control from seedling to joint and 24/7 access to your medication whenever you need it. This can be especially valuable to those with debilitating conditions who need constant access to their medical treatments. However, growing cannabis comes with its own set of challenges that may not be appealing to the average enthusiast. Before deciding on wheth

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