• 1.Commonly Asked MMJ Certification Questions
    Over the years Medwell Health has answered many questions regarding MMJ Licensing / Certification. We have compiled this list to help our patients better understand the MMJ Certification process and supporting laws.
  • How long is my MMJ Certification Card good for?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    Cards are valid for 3 years, but patients must recertify annually. The printed date on your MMJ Certification Card is the date in which you need to re-apply for a new physical card from the state, however, annual recertification from your Doctor is required and will be validated by the Dispensary upon each visit. Dispensaries abide by the recertification date your Doctor has submitted to the State's MMJ Database, not the printed date on your card.

  • Can I be legally prosecuted for possessing an MMJ Certification Card?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    Qualified patients in a legalized MMJ state cannot be legally penalized unless the patient is found to be non-compliant with the legal regulations associated with it. Patients consuming or possessing their prescription in non-legalized MMJ states, however, may be prosecuted to the full extent of that state’s laws.

  • As a certified MMJ patient, am I able to grow my own medical marijuana in my home?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    Qualifying patients can apply for a Hardship Cultivation Registration, which would allow them, or their designated personal caregiver to cultivate (grow) marijuana in their home for their own personal use. As long as it does not exceed the 60-day supply limit and is done in an enclosed area out of sight of the public.

  • What is the age requirement for receiving an MMJ card?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    18 years old at Medwell Health & Wellness Centers.

  • What am I required to provide in order to receive an MMJ prescription?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    “725.015: Registration of Qualifying Patients

    (A) To obtain a registration card, a qualifying patient shall submit, in a form and manner

    determined by the Department, the following:

    (1) The qualifying patient’s full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and

    email address if any, and a statement indicating his or her age and that his or her

    primary residence is in Massachusetts:

    (a) If the qualifying patient is under 18 years of age, an attestation from a

    parent or legal guardian granting permission for the child to register with

    the Department; and

    (b) If the qualifying patient is under 18 years of age, that qualifying patient

    must have a designated personal caregiver, who shall be his or her parent

    or legal guardian.

    (2) Written certification(s) for the qualifying patient from the qualifying patient’s

    certifying physician(s);

    (3) Full name, address, and telephone number of the qualifying patient’s certifying


    (4) Full name, date of birth, and address of the qualifying patient’s personal

    caregiver(s), if any;

    (5) A statement of whether the qualifying patient will be applying for a hardship

    cultivation registration;

    (6) A copy of the qualifying patient’s Massachusetts driver’s license, government issued

    identification card, or other verifiable identity document acceptable to the

    Department, except in the case of a qualifying patient under 18 years of age who

    does not have to comply with such requirement;

    (7) A non-refundable registration fee. If the fee poses a verified financial hardship,

    the qualifying patient may request a waiver of the fee in a form and manner

    determined by the Department;

    (8) Written acknowledgement of the limitations on his or her authorization to

    cultivate, possess, and use marijuana for medical purposes in the Commonwealth;

    (9) An attestation that the registered qualifying patient will not engage in the

    diversion of marijuana and that the patient understands that protections conferred

    by the Act for possession of marijuana for medical use are applicable only within

    Massachusetts; and

    (10) Any other information required by the Department. “

  • With my MMJ card, am I allowed to smoke in public?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    No. By law, smoking medical marijuana is prohibited in ANY public forum.

  • Can medical marijuana be covered by insurance?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    No. Existing insurance companies or plans do NOT currently cover medical marijuana appointments, evaluations or products. Medwell Health accepts Cash, Check, Credit, Debit or Flex Pay Healthcare.

  • May I designate a personal caregiver to obtain or cultivate medical marijuana if I am unable to do so?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    Yes. Requirements, regulations and restrictions for qualifying caregivers are listed in 105 CMR 725.000: Implementation of an Act For the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana.

  • Am I allowed to operate a motor vehicle after consuming medical marijuana?
    medwell health11-10-2016

    No. Operating a motor vehicle, boat, airplane or any other form of transportation while under the influence of medical marijuana is strictly prohibited and regulated by Massachusetts and federal laws.