Grow or Purchase Cannabis? Weighing Your Options

Grow or Purchase Cannabis

Growing cannabis from home can seem like an attractive option for MMJ patients. It gives you the control from seedling to joint and 24/7 access to your medication whenever you need it. This can be especially valuable to those with debilitating conditions who need constant access to their medical treatments. However, growing cannabis comes with its own set of challenges that may not be appealing to the average enthusiast. Before deciding on whether to grow or purchase cannabis, there are a number of factors to consider when contrasting home-grown marijuana with that bought from a dispensary.


While you may be gung-ho about starting your own indoor or outdoor cannabis plot, you’re realistically not going to have the space to grow more than one strain of cannabis. And that’s just considering the raw leaf, not to mention oils, edibles and the like. Not only does a dispensary offer a variety of cannabis products to suit your specific medical needs, but there are many leaf strains to choose from to target the symptoms of your given condition. The number of options that a dispensary offers can’t be replicated at home and may be difficult or illegal to access in any other way, so for variety-seekers, home growth may not be the best option.

The Quality of Your Crop

Similar to the question of variety is the one of quality when contemplating whether to grow or purchase cannabis. Sure, you can stick a cannabis plant in some soil and watch it grow, but will the final product meet your medicinal needs? Are you able to produce the proper THC to CBD ratio to address your specific symptoms? Unless you invest in quality plants and sink a significant amount of time and resources into the growth process, you may end up with sub-par cannabis for all your efforts. More importantly, lack of knowledge and expertise could result in a strain of marijuana that has adverse effects as a medical treatment.

Products from an MMJ dispensary have been expertly grown and are accurately labeled so that consumers know exactly what they are ingesting. Specialists are always on hand for any questions about how a certain cannabis product could interact with your medical condition and better treat your symptoms.

Safety Concerns

How safe is it to grow your own cannabis at home? The answer to this question relies on multiple factors, including your growing conditions and local laws where you live. Massachusetts, in particular, legally allows any individual over the age of 21 to grow up to 6 cannabis plants for personal use, or up to 12 plants for multiple adults living in a single household.

Legally speaking, you need to ensure that there are not laws on the book in your specific state that prohibit your home cannabis cultivation. Additionally, you need to consider whether this endeavor is a liability that might put you or your property at risk. Those who rent houses or apartments should especially consult with their landlord about whether or not they are allowed to grow marijuana on the premises. Although tenants are legally entitled to consume and possess edibles, oils, and other cannabis products, landlords have the right to forbid them from smoking or cultivating cannabis on their premises. Just assuming that the law is on your side could result in an eviction or jail time, so do your homework!

Finally, cultivation invites a number of natural safety hazards. This can include pests, weather variations, and other unforeseen circumstances that could make your crop unfit for consumption.


Now we come to the question that’s on everyone’s minds… costs.

Dispensary: Between taxes, packaging, and distribution, one ounce of a cannabis plant from a dispensary can average between $175 and $360.

Indoor Cultivation: Including equipment and cannabis clones, an experienced grower can cultivate around 500 grams within a 6X6 foot area at an average cost of $1,948. This equates to $3.90 per gram.

Outdoor Cultivation: Assuming you live in a steady climate area and are able to keep pests and other factors at bay, growing outdoors can be beneficial for growing cannabis in higher quantities. But again, we must consider the cost of equipment. Not including plant clones, producing 1-2 pounds of cannabis using a 50-gallon pot outdoors could run you an average of $2,385 in costs. This comes out to about $1.19 per gram.

Keep in mind… The estimates listed above do not take into account the varying results between using hydroponics and natural dirt for growing, as well as the type of lighting that is used. These numbers also do not take the many hours of labor that are required to cultivate into consideration. To reap the full benefits of growing your own stash, you should prepare to invest at least one hour of your day tending to your garden.

Our Final Take On Whether You Should Grow or Purchase Cannabis

To grow or purchase cannabis is a question that can be answered with two simple words; experience and knowledge. An expert cultivator will certainly get more bang for their buck and, with enough practice and knowledge, they could even produce a wide variety of strains. But most professional growers gain experience through a trial and error process and only achieve a suitable product through constant and considerable failure. On the other hand, the products available at dispensaries will not be produced by beginners or those with less than a year’s worth of experience. Therefore, when it comes to having a reliable medication on-hand for whenever symptoms flare up, a novice would be advised to purchase their cannabis from a local and licensed dispensary.

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