Convenient Location

Medical Marijuana Certification Building

Convenient easy to find location. Route 24 to exit 17B a couple hundred yards, then a leftt turn.

When you book an appointment with Med Well Health and Wellness Centers we will review all of your pain relief options!

Traditional health care facilities prescribe addicting, potentially harmful medications in the belief of effective pain management, but we have a different approach. Our philosophy to effective pain management does not find its way into a pill-processing plant, and we believe you should a say in what your body is exposed to. We believe in the true healing power of alternative therapies, such as Medical Marijuana, and our philosophy is the exemplification of our commitment to improving your quality of life.

Sometimes, measuring the quality of life is lost in health care, and physicians lose sight of how a patient may benefit from a particular drug, especially when the medication is being pushed and promoted by the drug’s manufacturer. However, we do not feel obligated to please the drug manufacturers, and we see the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts as a progressive move to improve the quality of life for thousands of people who have been suffering.

Yet, we know that some will oppose our philosophy, and others will use it as a means to damage our professional reputations. Our medical professionals passionately express their belief in Medical Marijuana as a safe, natural alternative to the traditional approaches to effective pain management.

So, our philosophy is really quite simple: we believe in the power of choice and patient-input in how to best treat and manage pain. We accept patients from walks of life, and we look forward to having the opportunity to give you an alternative to medications in your search to reduce, if not eliminate, your pains. At MedWell Health and Wellness Centers, we do not judge; we help!