Why MedWell Health and Wellness Centers

At MedWell Health and Wellness Centers, we have seen countless patients with chronic, unyielding pain, and for many of our patients, traditional approaches to pain management are impractical and harmful.

With the legalization of Medical Marijuana (MMJ) in Massachusetts, we will be completing evaluation or renewal requests for MMJ certification when traditional treatment approaches do not work.

MMJ certification is completed in our office where you can relax and rest assured in our commitment to your alternative, therapeutic needs.

Our facility is less than one-year-old, and we work with a variety of patients. Some of our patients may have experienced an injury or accident, and others may suffer from the negative effects of mental illness. This is precisely why scheduling an MMJ certification is made to be a simple process, taking only a few minutes.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance or other benefits for payment for MMJ certification, but the initial costs of holistic, natural pain management through MMJ is minimal. To truly see how the cost stacks up against other pain management options, think about the cost of medications. Think about the cost of your co-pays when visiting a specialist, and think about the costs due to side effects. Our alternative treatment options are designed to break from the norm in pain management and provide effective, long-lasting relief without the dangerous, sometimes deadly, side effects of traditional pain management.

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