A Look Into Kief and What It Can Be Used For

A Look Into Kief and What It Can Be Used For1

A Look Into Kief and What It Can Be Used For 

Kief are the resin glands that form sticky crystal covering the buds and flowers of the cannabis plant. The crystal are also known as the pollen or dry sift of the plant. These resin glands produce a concentrated form of cannabinoids, the chemicals in the cannabis flowers that have therapeutic benefits.

The cannabinoids are important for medical marijuana patients because of the pain and anxiety relieving benefits. Since kief gathered from cannabis plants is concentrated, the effects are much stronger than the cannabinoids from the flowers.

Purpose of Kief 

Kief acts as a deterrent for leaf-eating animals in two ways. Since kief is so strong, animals that eat it have intense disorientation, which stops them from eating any more of the plant. Its scent attracts predatory animals that keep herbivores away from the plant. The resin from the glands also produces a luring scent for attracting pollinating insects.

Salvaging Kief

Many times kief sticks to the cannabis grinder, making it difficult to gather. You can use the following methods at home for collecting potent kief.

Three-chamber grinder – This grinder not only grinds your cannabis but also sifts the kief crystal through a screen, collecting them into a separate compartment.

Silkscreen – Using a silkscreen to collect kief is as simple as placing your cannabis flowers on the screen and sifting. You can make a homemade silkscreen for kief by mounting three or four layers of fine mesh onto a frame. When you purchase the mesh, look for a size that’s between 80 and 170 lines per inch. A silkscreen allows you to collect larger amounts of kief than a grinder.

Kief Uses

You can use kief in several ways to boost the medicinal effects of cannabis. Once you’ve packed your bowl of cannabis, sprinkle the kief over it. You’ll find that this dramatically increases the strength of your cannabis.

You can also add a pinch of kief to a rolled joint of marijuana. If you dampen the outside of your joint, you can roll it in kief for a more potent experience.

Use your extracted kief to make hash. Basically, hash is kief that forms a soft ball through heating and pressurization.

Making moonrocks is a great way to use kief. Coat your cannabis buds with warm oil and sift kief over them while still warm. Let the buds harden, and then you break them into pieces by hand and sprinkle them in your bowl.

Medical marijuana suppliers carry kief concentrate, if you don’t have the time to sift or grind your own. Currently In Massachusetts you are still required to have a Medical Marijuana Certification.

So if you are interested in taking a look into kief and what it can be used for Make an appointment at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers by click here