Articles by Aaron Bloom

Aaron Bloom serves as the CEO, overseeing the mission and growth of DocMJ and Medwell Health and Wellness Centers. Aaron’s passion for improving patients’ lives comes from his background in health care. For more than 20 years, Aaron owned, operated, and represented traditional healthcare organizations. This experience created a passion for finding improved ways to relieve suffering. His goal as CEO is to work daily to relieve all patients who seek better health and wellness through the medicinal benefits of medical cannabis and evidence-based alternative medicines.
February 6, 2024

The Rise of Cannabis Sales: Massachusetts Sets New Records in 2023

In 2023, Massachusetts experienced a record-breaking year in cannabis sales, surpassing total gross sales from previous years. The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission reported a significant increase in sales, marking a clear indication of the growth of...

PTSD vs PTSI Trauma and Medical Cannabis Massachusetts
January 11, 2024

There Is a New and Better Name for PTSD

Of the many mental health disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may be the least understood. For a long time, it was believed that only military service members experienced the condition caused by a traumatic event (or...

gun laws and cannabis MA
December 27, 2023

Exploring the Debate: Medical Cannabis and Gun Laws in Massachusetts

Many Americans enjoy owning firearms for personal and property protection and sometimes for sports such as hunting. It is written into the United States Constitution as a Second Amendment right: “the right of the people to...

Why Mixing Sedatives and Cannabis Can Be Harmful to Your Health
December 19, 2023

Why Mixing Sedatives and Cannabis Can Be Harmful to Your Health

Medical cannabis is helping Americans live better lives and providing another way to manage chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms. While more research is needed, doctor-supervised cannabis is generally considered safe compared to other drugs, which...

Back pain medical cannabis massachusetts
December 13, 2023

How Effective is Cannabis for Chronic Back Pain?

Every once in a while, you may experience temporary back pain. Whether you hit the gym for a hard workout or engaged in an activity at home where your back muscles were put to heavy use,...

cannabis and medications
November 27, 2023

Is It Safe to Use Pain Medications With Medical Cannabis?

The majority of medical cannabis use centers around pain management. Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with chronic pain conditions. Now that medical marijuana laws have changed and medical cannabis is a legal option for patients...

seniors and medical marijuana
November 14, 2023

Why More American Seniors Are Turning to Medical Cannabis

The way society views cannabis today is much different than it has ever been in the United States. The historical narrative of cannabis has swung like a pendulum from a corrupting vice to a natural alternative...

osteoarthritis and cannabis
November 7, 2023

The Role of Medical Marijuana in Managing Osteoarthritis Pain

Living with osteoarthritis can be a daily challenge, with pain and discomfort affecting the quality of life for millions of people. As the medicinal landscape evolves, the role of medical cannabis in managing osteoarthritis pain has...

terminal illness cannabis
November 1, 2023

Raising Awareness About Cannabis Compassionate Care

When someone you love is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the emotional pain and grief felt by the patient, family, and friends is unfathomable. After understanding and acceptance, the next steps center around pain and symptom...

Big Changes Coming to Massachusetts Cannabis Laws
September 7, 2023

Big Changes Coming to Massachusetts Cannabis Laws

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed S. 3096, “An Act Relative to Equity in the Cannabis Industry,” on August 11, 2022. When the law was passed, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission had one year to issue new...