Best ways to keep your smoking devices clean

Best way to keep your smoking devices cleanV

If you use pipes, bubblers, and bongs on a regular basis, then you may have wondered what is the most effective way to clean your devices. The gunk will begin to gather in all of the crooks and crevices. Also, with daily use, you will notice that they are not only dirty but do not work as well.

Keep reading for tips to keep your smoking devices clean, sanitary and in good working order.

1-Use Salt and Alcohol

For this method, all that you need can be found in your bathroom cabinet. You’ll need:

-One bottle of rubbing alcohol

-Salt: You can use kosher, sea salt or epsom salts

-A plastic bag

-Cotton swabs or q-tips

Once you’ve gotten these supplies together, run your pieces under hot water, or let them soak, to loosen up any hardened gunk. If necessary, use a pipe cleaner or a tiny bottle brush to help scrape off the stubborn spots. After this is done, place your device in a plastic bag that is filled with rubbing alcohol. Make sure that the piece is completely submerged in the alcohol. Then, add the salt. Afterwards, you will be able to seal the plastic bag and start shaking. Do this for about two minutes. Then, remove your piece from the bag and rinse thoroughly in hot water. Try to get it as dry as possible. If you find watermarks, you can briefly soak it in warm water and lemon juice.

2-Use Boiling Water

If you prefer not to use anything inside your devices for fear of scratching or breaking them, you can simply use hot water. It is the same idea as the method above, but instead, you let your devices soak in hot water. Don’t place your pieces in the water until the water has cooled some. Let them sit for about 30-60 minutes. (When you remove the pieces, be sure to use oven mitts!) For any residual gunk left, use a cotton swab or q-tips.

3-Clean Often

For bongs, it is advised that you clean them once a day because it will affect the taste. Clean your pipes at least once a week. Remember, if you use a dirty device, it will not work properly and it will not taste as it is supposed to taste. Also, keep in mind that these devices are prone to attracting mold and mildew which is extremely harmful to the body if ingested.

These easy tips can help you get the best use out of your smoking devices. Use them for the best possible smoking experience!

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