Treating Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Veterans with MMJ

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Many people have the tendency to celebrate Memorial Day with family get-togethers and grills, but forget the true purpose of the holiday - to remember our fallen heroes. The last Monday of every May is dedicated to the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives in defense of the United States. While we commemorate these lost but not forgotten servicemen and women, though, it’s important to also remember and honor t

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420: The REAL Story Behind the Numbers


Throughout the history of popular culture, language has adapted to include slang terms, the origins of which tend to be lost to memory (or at least become difficult to track as time goes on and usage spreads). One such term is the “420” figure that is used in association with recreational marijuana, which serves as a code term for smoking cannabis at the same time as it provides a way for different people to associate themselves and each othe

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Presidential Candidates: Where Each Stands on the Future of MMJ

Presidential Candidates

As the 2016 Presidential race heats up, candidates are taking sides on a number of crucial issues, from immigration reform to gun control to tax policies. What many don’t realize, however, is that medical marijuana legislation could change drastically depending on who is elected the next President of the United States. Take a look at each candidate’s stance and intention for the future of legal marijuana use for medical conditions:

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Unable to Smoke? Try These Medical Marijuana Alternatives.

Pot Brownie & Marijuana Leaf

Although smoking medical marijuana is a viable treatment for those seeking to alleviate symptoms of many medical conditions, being unable to smoke can lead many people to think that the benefits of medical marijuana are inaccessible to them. You may be unable to consume medical marijuana by smoking it for any number of reasons: for example, you may have a respiratory condition, work for a company that forbids smoking, or simply experience unpleas

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