Unable to Smoke? Try These Medical Marijuana Alternatives.

Pot Brownie & Marijuana Leaf

Although smoking medical marijuana is a viable treatment for those seeking to alleviate symptoms of many medical conditions, being unable to smoke can lead many people to think that the benefits of medical marijuana are inaccessible to them. You may be unable to consume medical marijuana by smoking it for any number of reasons: for example, you may have a respiratory condition, work for a company that forbids smoking, or simply experience unpleas

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How Medical Marijuana Can Treat Chronic Pain

In the past, marijuana use had been fairly known for its health benefits well before it became legalized for medicinal purposes. Before legalization, believers of the plant’s potential medical benefits often had to rely on circumstantial evidence and ran the risk of procuring cannabis from an unauthorized source. This is no longer the case due to the new laws being implemented around the United States, as well as the continuous research into ca

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Toast the New Year!… But Do So Responsibly.

Marijuana & Alcohol

With the holiday season in full swing, chances are that you're not short on reasons to have a good time. Especially with New Year's right around the corner, parties and other social events provide a great atmosphere for socializing, having fun, and drinking with friends and loved ones. However, with all of the revelry going on, it is important to consider the effects of alcohol, and especially binge drinking, on the body - an iss

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Indica or Sativa: Which Type is Right For My Condition

Indica or Sativa

When considering your options for medical marijuana, it is important to consider that there are multiple varieties, each of which can be used to treat different conditions more effectively. Two main types of cannabis, Sativa and Indica, are among the main contenders for your medical needs, although there are also hybrids of the two that can be used to treat the ailments listed here.

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