Cannabis and Psilocybin working together

Cannabis and Psilocybin working together

Cannabis has cemented itself as a safe and effective medication for patients suffering from chronic pain. Coupled with the decriminalization of medical marijuana, more are continually seeking the herb’s help to soothe people suffering from medical problems.

With the booming popularity of marijuana for recreational, and more importantly, medical use, research interest in psilocybin’s therapeutic benefits is also slowly gaining traction.

Today, recent studies are pointing towards the combined use of cannabis and psilocybin for medical purposes. But what are the benefits of doing so? And what does the future hold for this psychedelic combo?

If you’re interested to learn, keep reading because we’ll dig into it in a jiffy.

History of Combined Cannabis and Psilocybin Use

Before the state-specific legalization of marijuana and shrooms took the country by storm, both were prominent elements in the counterculture. From being featured in movies and shows, down to psychedelic art, both drugs corner the market for their recreational effects.

It’s not uncommon to find cannabis users also sharing a proclivity toward psychoactive mushrooms. A 2006 study on polysubstance use among university students reveals that 60 percent of the 149 participants co-administered cannabis with psilocybin.

Though undocumented, people have likely used both compounds simultaneously for decades (or even centuries), given the psychoactive trip that both drugs possess.

With regards to their combined medicinal effects, the only currently perceived benefits are evidenced by user testimonies– which are anecdotal at best.

Research Initiatives to Uncover Psilocybin’s Medical Properties

Since we’re all well acquainted with the prowess of medical marijuana to treat a number of conditions like epilepsy, insomnia, and anxiety, below we’ll see some recent studies and initiatives focused on learning the medicinal properties of psilocybin.

In 2017, a team of researchers led by Roland Griffiths studied the effectiveness of psilocybin in decreasing depression and anxiety among cancer patients with life-threatening diagnoses. Results showed that administration of psilocybin not only decreases symptoms of depression and anxiety but also increases the quality of life and optimism.

Moreover, the changes were sustained even after 6 months, and participants attribute the uplift to the psilocybin experience.

Today, South Africa’s largest commercial and medicinal cannabis facility — Cannsun — helms a study that aims to understand the therapeutic properties of psilocybin following Griffiths’ results.

According to Cannsun’s website, they have 23 hectares (around 56 acres) dedicated to psilocybin cultivation and RND. And their Phase II clinical trial to test psilocybin efficacy in treating MDD was set in March 2022.

Potential Benefits of Combined Cannabis and Psilocybin Intake

There is substantial scientific proof warranting the efficacy of cannabis to help users suffering from chronic pain, chemotherapy-associated nausea and vomiting, sleep disturbances and depression. Recent research also validates psilocybin’s potency as an antidepressant.

However, there is no available conclusive research yet on the effects of simultaneous cannabis and psilocybin intake. Most of what we know comes from anecdotal reports from users, and the result of combining two psychedelics is highly subjective as a person’s mindset and setting will play a huge role.

Dr. Evan Wood, a physician and epidemiologist, believes that there are no adverse effects in combining the two drugs since neither is toxic. He was also eager to know if combined use incurs any synergistic effect.

However, until clinical trials on the combo are made, we’re not entirely sure if the drugs will augment each other’s effects.

The positive news is that as marijuana reform and RND continues to flourish, we can expect the same attention to trickle to psilocybin. Sooner or later we’ll see more studies on both—individually and combined.

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