Cannabis and Your Immune System


Over the last 10 years and more, science has been able to uncover some of the profound health benefits that cannabis has to offer. We have seen evidence pointing out that cannabis can help people with

– Chronic pain

– Alcohol and drug addictions

– Depression

– Anxiety


– Cancer

– Epilepsy

– and MS

With all of the health benefits that cannabis has to offer, is it possible that cannabis could even boost the immune system? Between one of the most terrible flu seasons on record and the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, many are wondering if cannabis can help boost their immune system.

Some Suggest Cannabis May Improve Immune Function

Unfortunately, the research that we have on cannabis is fairly limited. This is due to the fact that there are still large bodies within our government that are either hesitant to adopt cannabis as a helpful substance, and many of which are totally opposed to legalization. With that, there have been a handful of promising studies that have been conducted without federal funding, that are showing some promising results in terms of cannabis improving immune health and immune function.

In these studies, we have seen some indirect evidence that cannabis can, in fact, boost our immune system. Cannabis seems to be an effective means of helping the immune systems of patients who have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS ––– conditions that target the body’s immune system.

Cannabis and The Immune System

A recent study conducted by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City set out to uncover if cannabis could, in fact, help the immune system or improve the condition of HIV patients. They found that forms of cannabis were able to cut the number of infected cells by 30%.

What Does This Tell Us About Marijuana and Immune Function?

What we do know is that initial indications from the studies that have been completed show that certain cannabinoids are related to assisting HIV patients in strengthening their immune system. Ingesting cannabis through non-smoking methods is definitely more beneficial to the immune system than smoking or vaping.

If you are interested in attaining your MMJ Certification and concerned about how marijuana may impact your ability to fight an infectious virus, talking with our staff at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers about your specific health needs and the best way to ingest Medical Marijuana to remedy your medical needs is the safest way to determine if an MMJ Certification is right for you.

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