Cannabis Therapy is a Safe Option for Seniors

Cannabis Therapy is a Safe Option for Seniors

Why Cannabis Therapy is a Safe Option for First Time Seniors

Fewer Side Effects and Lower Costs Give Seniors an Attractive Alternative for Pain Relief

When you’re a senior, suffering from pain caused by arthritis, sports injuries, joint pain and more is not fun. Painkillers such as opioids help, but the side effects can be just as bad as the pain in some cases. Plus the costs of pain medicines can be overwhelming.

Two common questions we often get from seniors who contact Medwell Health and Wellness Centers are:

  • “How safe is it for a senior to try cannabis if I’ve never tried it before?”
  • “Isn’t smoking cannabis for hippies? I don’t want people to think I’m doing drugs.”

First, medical cannabis and its major product cannabidiol (CBD) have proven to be a very effective therapy for lots of age groups including seniors. Whether using cannabis for the first time or not, our centers have vast resources on treatment options, with highly trained personnel on-site to assist you. The stigma surrounding cannabis use for the most part is gone.

Second, there are many alternatives to smoking cannabis. The most popular extracts of cannabis known as CBD and THX are used in many different products these days from candies to gummi products to muffins, mouth drops, and more.

How to Get Started With Cannabis Therapy

Find out if your state supports the use of medical cannabis.

The United States set their own restrictions when it comes to cannabis use. It is totally legal in 11 states plus the District of Columbia, while some only allow the medical use of it or ban its use entirely.

Get with a physician to determine if cannabis therapy is right for you.

Always consult with your doctor or one of our wellness centers to make sure you understand all of your options before starting the regimen. Various cannabis products are used to treat ailments including anxiety, the after-effects of chemotherapy, and many other problems. A doctor can help you to decide the best treatment plan.

Who to Contact About Cannabis Treatment

If you live in Massachusetts, Florida, New York, or Rhode Island you should contact your nearest MedWell Health and Wellness Center to see how easy, painless and affordable it is to get started with cannabis therapy. Check out the Medwell Unscripted videos that we post to YouTube and Facebook for more info.


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