Cannabis’s Effect on Alzheimer’s Disease

Cannabis’s Effect on Alzheimer’s

Despite major strides in technology and medicine, Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that does not have a cure. Unfortunately, an individual with this disease will deteriorate more over time. The good news is, symptoms can be managed giving individuals a better quality of life. Studies have shown cannabis can have a positive effect on this illness. Keep reading to find out cannabis’s effect on Alzheimer’s disease.

Cannabis for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

There are several studies done on the effectiveness of CBD on Alzheimer’s, Parkison’s, Huntingdon’s, and vascular dementia. While it cannot be used to treat these illnesses, there is evidence of reduction of inflammation of the brain and lower amount of brain cells lost, preventing further neurological damage. Patients can experience relief from symptoms of Alzheimer’s by using cannabis.

Reduces Anxiety

Part of having Alzheimer’s includes memory loss, depression, and anxiety. It is normal for Alzheimer’s patients to experience depression and anxiety as they undergo feelings of confusion and forgetfulness. Recently, CBD oil was used to help ease some of the symptoms of dementia, such as easing the anxiety felt among Alzheimer’s patients. Although it cannot stop the further development of dementia, cannabis does have calming properties for those suffering anxiety due to this illness.

Using Cannabis to Treat the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Unfortunately, the rate of those suffering from Alzheimer’s is only increasing and is expected to increase to up to 81.1 million by the year 2040. The rate of those who develop dementia is also due to an increase. Because cannabis has proven effective against neuroinflammation, which is key to treating dementia, it is important that further studies are conducted. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it is worth looking into using cannabis as a treatment option. Keep in mind that although this disease is not treatable, the symptoms can be managed to improve quality of life.

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