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How Medical Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

Every day, more cannabis research is occurring, and many patients are asking whether medical marijuana (MMJ) can treat cancer. Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of incorrect information out there, so MedWell Health wrote this article to separate fact from fiction.

Claims that cannabis can cure cancer are overreaching, but claims that MMJ has no medicinal value at

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Best ways to keep your smoking devices clean

If you use pipes, bubblers, and bongs on a regular basis, then you may have wondered what is the most effective way to clean your devices. The gunk will begin to gather in all of the crooks and crevices. Also, with daily use, you will notice that they are not only dirty but do not work as well. Keep reading for tips to keep your smoking devices clean, sanitary and in good working order. 1-Use Salt and Alcohol For this me

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How to properly store Medical Marijuana Flower

Many MMJ patients have questions about the proper storage of medical cannabis. MedWell Health & Wellness is here to help. While Cannabis has no set expiration date, it is best to store in a cool, dark, place. Let’s discuss the other ways that you can ensure that your MMJ has a longer shelf life. Is there an ideal storage temperature? Ideally, cannabis should be stored at temperatures below 77°F, so that mold and mildew does not have

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Part Time Florida Residents Can Receive a Medical Marijuana Certification Card

Nearly a million people live in Florida seasonally and, when they are present, they raise the state’s population by about 5%. What many part-time residents don’t realize, though, is that despite the fact

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