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Medical Marijuana and the Best MMJ strains for Managing Pain

Pain is one of the most common reasons patients use medical cannabis, and it works. Medical cannabis is effective on several forms of pain, including pain caused by inflammation, headaches, muscle soreness, neuropathy, spinal injury, fibromyalgia or cramps. The type and intensity of pain, as well as the person’s unique physiology all, play a role in how effective medical marijuana might be on treating pain.

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Medical Marijuana Certification Advantages are Growing

If you could fly first class for less than others are paying for coach seating, would you? If you could obtain a Medical Marijuana Certification (MMJ) and could purchase a plethora of products of various strengths for less money than people are paying for recreationally, would you?

If you live in Massachusetts, you have the opportunity to do exactly this. Our state has pass

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Medical Marijuana Delivery for MMJ Card Holders

  Services to deliver medical marijuana to card-holding patients became legal in the state of Massachusetts in April 2018. Many homebound patients do not have the ability to go to dispensaries so the state legalized delivery to ensure patients get their much-needed medication. Dispensaries can deliver cannabis products to residences only if the patient has an

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There is No Tax on Medical Marijuana (20% Savings) For MMJ Card Holders

Imagine you are buying airplane tickets online and see that there are some first class tickets available for much lower than a normal coach seat, would you buy them? Anyone would prefer to save money in doing the same things they already do. So, you need to be aware that all Medical Marijuana card holders in Massachusetts are exempt from the minimum 20% sales tax that comes with purchasing Recreational Cannabis. That tax can climb as high as 26%

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