Three Common Mistakes When Using Cannabis

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First time users of Cannabis make some common mistakes. Those mistakes come about because consumers have not been able to legally use cannabis products for very long. For example, it wasn’t until 2012 that Massachusetts medical licensing for marijuana became legal. Before then, only people that were willing to break the law were learning how to consume cannabis.

While cannabis users have many methods of consuming marijuana, that knowledge may not be beneficial to a medicinal user. The goal of illegal users is often to get intoxicated, or high, from the plant. Medicinal users are consuming cannabis to find relief or help with medical conditions. For the mistakes being looked at here, the focus will be on those made by medicinal users.

Mistakenly Believing You Can’t Get High the First Time

When consuming medicinal marijuana, legally such as after going through Massachusetts medical licensing, it’s important to remember the effects are intoxicating. Many people claim that marijuana won’t get users high the first time they consume it. This is false, as the way cannabis is consumed has become better understood and taught. Honestly, it is unlikely that you won’t get high the first time you consume it.

The truth is, if you know how to consume marijuana, then it will make you high from the first time you use it. The mistake that people make is that they don’t know how to smoke, and then they say marijuana didn’t get them high. If you learn to inhale properly, or consume it as an oil or in an edible then it will get you high.

Not Understanding How Much to Consume

Cannabis dosing is not the same as taking doses of other medicines. Over consumption can be difficult to handle, though it is not harmful. Marijuana can cause anxiety, and using too much will make that feeling of anxiety grow bigger. That can be very unsettling to new users.

People that are too cautious and don’t consume enough may not enjoy the medicinal benefit for why they began taking cannabis. The best way to become familiar with how much you need to consume is by taking it slow. Consume cannabis a little at a time until the benefits are maximized and you don’t feel overwhelmed by having too much.

Not Knowing the Strain Being Consumed

There are two main types of cannabis: indica and sativa. Indica is less psychoactive, and creates a “whole body high.” Sativa gives a “head high” as it is more psychoactive. Knowing which you are consuming is important as the different side effects will cause the consumer to have different reactions. It’s always best to be clear what you are receiving and ask the dispensary (which is another reason Massachusetts medical licensing was very beneficial) what affects the strain will have.

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