Considering Dabbing or Vaping?

If you use medical marijuana then you know that there are many different ways in which you can consume it. You may be overwhelmed by the various products and knowing which is right for you. Two popular ways to enjoy cannabis are vaping and dabbing. You may question what these two processes involve and which is better. Keep reading to learn more about dabbing and vaping.


How Vaping Works

Vaping is a common way to ingest cannabis products, such as a concentrated form. Due to the various forms of cannabis products, vaping is just one way that a medical marijuana user can consume these products. The process of vaping includes wax that is placed inside the heating chamber of a vape. Using the temperature setting, you can then heat the wax and it will begin to melt. Individuals enjoy this method of consuming cannabis as it is a smooth way to enjoy the cannabis in wax form. Other reasons for being popular are that it is easy to do, easy to carry, and a versatile form.


How Dabbing Works

While vaping involves heating the wax while it is in the heating chamber of the vape pen, dabbing involves heating the area before the wax is placed inside. Some who enjoy dabbing will even heat the area with a blowtorch first or use an electric nail. An electric nail is what is used to send the wax to its designated area. After the proper spot is heated up, touch the nail to the area and the wax will begin to melt. It is then that the user can begin to inhale it.


Dabbing or Vaping?

Dabbing and vaping both do the same thing: melt the cannabis wax to produce a vapor that the user can easily and smoothly inhale. When deciding on which is best for you, consider that dabbing can be more complicated than vaping, as you need to use a heat source to melt the wax yourself. You also need to consider the portability of using a vape pen versus a dab rig. Ultimately, it is up to the user which is more preferable.


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