The Growing Trend: Is Dabbing Cannabis Safe?

Is Dabbing Cannabis Safe?

You may have heard about this new trend of consuming cannabis that’s starting to gain some traction in the mainstream called ‘dabbing’. If you are familiar with the process and results of dabbing cannabis, then you may be curious as to whether or not it can be used as an effective medical treatment or if there are just too many risks involved. We’ll break it down for you, and give you our final recommendation.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of smoking a more concentrated and potent form of cannabis. This cannabis has been treated in a way that extracts the THC and cannabinoids into a thick and sticky oil. This oil is then used as oil, wax, or shatter pieces that then can be smoked. This is called a dab, and it’s smoked using a dabber rather than a traditional pipe.

How Do You Dab?

The concentrated wax, oil, or shatter pieces will be placed onto a nail in a special dabber that is meant specifically for smoking dabs. The nail is heated up with a blowtorch until it’s red hot, and then, it’s allowed to cool for just a moment before the dab is applied to the nail. This process will turn the dab into a vapor that can then be smoked.

Why Are People Dabbing Cannabis Rather Than Smoking it Traditionally?

Some people are more interested in smoking dabs rather than smoking the more traditional way because it is mainly pure THC extract, which results in a more intense ‘high’. The effects are also felt much faster than smoking regular cannabis. Although CBD, the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, can be extracted through a similar process, THC is often the chemical that is desired through dabbing in order to feel intensely medicated.

Is Dabbing Cannabis Safe?

Dabbing is still a relatively new method of ingesting cannabis. Since there is not yet a known dose of cannabis that can prove to be lethal, the possibility of a dangerous overdose is not the riskiest part of using this method. The most hazardous part of the process is the need of a blowtorch to light the dabs. This has the potential to cause physical harm if it is mishandled in any way. There have even been a number of reports of individuals dabbing in a careless fashion resulting in burns, explosions, and in rare instances, fatalities during the consumption process.

Final Recommendation

Dabbing is still in its infant stages of research and is still relatively new to mainstream users. Our overall recommendation to our patients is that the effect of dabbing has the potential to yield significant benefits for certain medical conditions; more specifically psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, with this recommendation comes a stern warning for anyone considering to dab as a form of medication.

Start Slow to Test Your Tolerance: Since the THC potency is much higher than naturally grown cannabis, a patient must always use caution as to not ingest more than what they are used to. A single dab more than the recommended dosage for a particular ailment could mean the difference between relief and experiencing adverse effects such as anxiety or paranoia.

Use Caution! The method of smoking dabs requires the extremely high temperatures of blowtorches that traditional matches or lighters simply can’t produce. Any patient that is unfamiliar with how to operate a blowtorch is discouraged from dabbing to avoid injuries or fires. It is always advised for even experienced dabbers to use extreme caution while operating a blowtorch or any fire source; especially while ingesting their medication which could cause disorientation.

Our aim is to help heal you through the best methodology of cannabis consumption. Whether you require a higher CBD or THC potency for a specific medical condition, ingesting cannabis through traditional means has been proven to have the most effective healing properties while maintaining dosage control. That being said, for those suffering from a psychological disorder, consult with a medical marijuana physician to determine if the heightened potency of THC in dabbing cannabis could better serve your specific condition.

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