Delivery and Parking Advantages MMJ Certification Appointments

mmj parking benefits

With the legalization of medical marijuana in many states, rules and regulations have been put in place. In Massachusetts having a Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Certification Card allows you to receive first class service. An MMJ Certification allows you to not only purchase your marijuana but also provides many extra benefits including Medical Marijuana Home Delivery and Dispensary Parking Privileges.

Home Delivery

For those that have an MMJ card, Massachusetts allows medically necessary marijuana deliveries right to your home. This service is a great benefit to those that have trouble getting out in bad weather. Just imagine you are running low on your prescribed marijuana and it’s snowing and blowing outside. With your card, you can have a dispensary delivery service bring you your medical cannabis products. The delivery service is currently not available for recreational purchases.

The home delivery service not only keeps you out of the cold or bad weather but also provides you with some time savings. The time savings comes from not having to drive long distances and then wait in long lines just to get your marijuana. In addition, many Dispensaries will waive a delivery fee for larger orders, saving you mileage. 

The MMJ Certification allows you to place larger orders to be delivered right to your doorstep, saving you time and money.

MMJ Parking Benefits

When you go to the marijuana dispensaries on-site parking is only for MMJ cardholders and handicap permit holders. If you want to park in a dispensary lot, you must show your MMJ card to gain access. Those that are recreational users must park off-site and take other transportation to the facility. Parking in cities such as Boston can be expensive and let’s just say a  “hassle”.

Having your MMJ Certification allows you to pull right into the Dispensaries Parking Lot.

MMJ Certification

Your MMJ card certification begins with Medwell Health and Wellness Centers. Once our doctor determines that you medically fit the criteria to use marijuana, Medwell Health and Wellness Centers will give you a PIN to register and receive your card. The doctor does not need to write any prescriptions. However, at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers, our Doctors can answer your questions regarding strains and the various products available to best suit your medical need. 

For more information on the benefits of having a Medical Marijuana Card or what the Qualifying Conditions are, reach out to Medwell Health and Wellness Centers. We have Six Convenient Locations and Home Appointment Services to accommodate your Medical Marijuana Certification.

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