Does Cannabis Affect the COVID-19 Vaccination

: Does Cannabis Affect the COVID-19 Vaccination

People all over the globe are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations. While getting the COVID-19 vaccine is essential to ending the pandemic, many people have questions regarding side effects and long-term effects of the vaccine. Some people are worried about cannabis use affecting how the vaccine will interact with the body. While this is a valid concern, new evidence suggests that cannabis use will not change the way the human body interacts with the vaccine.


A Vaccinated Population

As 301 million Americans have gotten a dose of the vaccine, evidence shows that new COVID-19 cases are lessening every single day. This evidence demonstrates that the vaccine is working properly. While vaccine trials did not include cannabis testing, there is no evidence that using cannabis would negatively interact with the vaccine within the body. The progress the vaccine is making is positive and simply shows that for the majority of people, it is working. However, in some rare cases people have experienced fatal outcomes after receiving one or more doses of the vaccine. Studies are still being conducted to see why these deaths occurred.


Cannabis Treatment

If you are planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine, you should not be worried about your current cannabis usage affecting your doses. However, it may be best not to begin a new cannabis treatment method around the time you receive the vaccine. Changing too much in the body all at one time can be overwhelming for the immune system and the nervous system. When getting the vaccine, you want your immune system to be focused on accepting the cells into your body and fighting off potential side effects. You should continue with your current cannabis treatments until two weeks after your second vaccine dose. Then, it is safe to try new treatments and methods.


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