Ditch the Dank: How to Eliminate Marijuana Smell

Eliminate Marijuana Smell

For some of us, medical marijuana is a lifesaver when it comes to pain management, helping with symptoms of diseases and simply helping us deal with daily challenges brought on by a medical condition. Medical marijuana may become an integral part of people’s existence in terms of improving the quality of life for patients. That being said, sometimes you don’t favor the lingering smell of cannabis on your clothes or household items. The odor may make for uncomfortable social situations even though this medicine provides comfort to you as it eases your symptoms. You might feel apprehensive about the smell in front of your friends and family because of the social stigma of being a smoker. Instead of worrying, take some of these tips to heart on how to cover up or eliminate marijuana smell.

Odor-Eliminating Candles:

Some candles, such as those from the Ozium brand, work great to eliminate marijuana smell. The trick is to light the candle several minutes before your medical marijuana session and leaving it lit after you finish. The longer your odor-eliminating candle stays lit, the better job it does of destroying the cannabis aroma. Leave it lit for at least 30 minutes after you’re done for best results.

Make a Sploof:

Eliminate Marijuana SmellHomemade filters, also called sploofs, contain materials that absorb the odor of smoke. To make your own sploof, simply wrap a dryer sheet around one end of a paper towel roll and secure it using a rubber band. By exhaling through the other end of the tube, the smoke passes through the dryer sheet, keeping the odor of marijuana to a minimum. Paper towels lightly sprayed with Febreeze can also work in place of dryer sheets.

Good Ventilation:

The combination of candles, sploofs and smoking in a well-ventilated area provides fantastic results. Smoking by an open window with a stiff breeze moves the smoke from your joint or pipe out of the window quickly. Sploof and candles can act as backups to cover up any lingering smoke that didn’t exit the window. For even better ventilation, consider purchasing an inexpensive window fan that fits snuggly into your window opening. Pointing the window fan outwards will create a more powerful suction to extract smoke more efficiently.

Air Purifier:

With a similar effect as the window fan, investing in an air purifier can also remove lingering cannabis odors. This high-tech solution can not only eliminate marijuana smell, but it also helps you breath better indoors in general.

Smoke Outside:

Whenever possible, try smoking outside on your front or back porch. For MMJ patients that experience four full seasons throughout the year, outdoor smoking may not always be ideal, especially during the bitter-cold winter. However, smoking out in the open air is the best way to avoid the lingering odor from clinging to the interior walls of your home or your clothing. So if killing the smell is a priority for you, you may want to bite the bullet and bundle up during the colder months to medicate outside.

Wash Everything:

Eliminate marijuana smell on your body, hair, and clothes by bathing daily and washing your clothes. Do the same with drapes, curtains, and bedding. Wipe down upholstery with a slightly damp cloth and some light dishwashing soap. Hair and clothing, in particular, can significantly absorb the smokey smell. For those with long locks, try pulling your hair back with a hair tie while smoking and always throw your clothes in the washer after smoking in them.

The stigma around marijuana use is showing promising signs of decline. However, it couldn’t hurt to keep the above tips in mind in the event you encounter someone with less than an open mind. You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about using the medication that was rightfully prescribed to you, but even some MMJ patients prefer to smell like a garden of flowers rather than the weeds.

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