Family Questions Regarding Medical Marijuana

Family Questions Regarding Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states in America. This treatment helps many individuals reduce their pain, gain their appetite, and alleviate their mental issues like depression and anxiety. Many patients who qualify for medical marijuana are people with cancer, diseases, migraines, and mental problems. Once you start using this treatment, some people close to you may not understand. That is why you need to read this guide on how to explain medical marijuana parents to family and friends.

Explain What It Is and Where It Came From

The best way to explain your family’s use of medical marijuana is to explain what it is, how it helps, and where you get it. Discuss which ailment you have physically or mentally and how medical marijuana alleviates your symptoms that other medications cannot. Also, preface that a medical doctor prescribed it to you and that you get your treatment from verified and legal dispensaries or sources. The more you explain, the better understanding your family and friends will have.

Go With One-On-One Conversations

While group conversations are fast and allow you to answer everyone’s questions in one sitting, it may not be the best idea to tell your family and friends about your family’s usage of medical marijuana in a group setting. Many people have different views and stereotypes about marijuana. A group setting can cause heated situations. Avoid this by having one-on-one conversations in safe areas. This way, you can answer any of their questions or concerns.

Talk About Your Process

When discussing medical marijuana with others, do not be afraid to discuss the process that you went through. Go over the steps you had to take and the procedures you followed. Your family and friends need to know that you did not find a random person on the street but that you followed the rules and regulations that are in place.

Review the Laws

A vital step you need to discuss with your family is the laws around medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is for medical-related issues and illnesses. It is illegal to sell or distribute this treatment to unprescribed people. You also need to go over the consequences or punishments for selling or distributing to others. Once everyone knows the laws behind medical marijuana, the more understanding they will have.

Always remember that medical marijuana is for patients that need another treatment to alleviate pain. It is illegal to sell or distribute to anyone else. To learn more about medical marijuana and other treatments, check out Medwell Health Unscripted Webinars.


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