Tips For First-Time Cannabis Users

First-Time Cannabis Users - Brockton, Massachusetts

Attention First-Time Cannabis Users!

Have you recently been approved for a medical marijuana (MMJ) certification? It may come as a surprise that there are a number of new MMJ patients that have no prior experience with consuming cannabis. Naturally, such individuals can sometimes feel a little apprehensive, which is often the case whenever trying any new kind of medication. For first-time cannabis users, we would like to relieve some of the angst associated with the unfamiliarity by providing a few simple tips to make your first experience a successful one.

How Will It Affect Me?

Just know that in general, cannabis can affect each individual differently. Furthermore, you can get different effects depending on the strain or the method of consumption. It’s not unusual for certain people to not notice much of an impact the first few times they consume it, but most find it to be a relaxing, euphoric experience. Some people become much more animated, outgoing and social, while others report that smoking makes them tired, anxious, or even paranoid. There are several ways to properly prepare for your first session:

  • Clear Your Schedule – Allow yourself enough time to gauge the effects and how long you feel them. Your first time should not be when you have a laundry list of chores or work items to tend to. Try to consume it for the first time on a day off so you have plenty of time to learn how it interacts with your specific body.


  • Try to Be Home the First Time – Cannabis use should be confined to your private residence most of the time anyway, but it is also a safe zone that can be comforting in the event of adverse effects.


  • Have a Chaperone –  Enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member with previous cannabis experience that can look over you. However, it is highly discouraged that the person monitoring your session partakes with you; especially if they are not MMJ certified themselves.


  • Don’t Consume on an Empty Stomach – Whether it’s through smoking, edibles, or any other method, have at least something light to eat and drink plenty of water prior to your first use. Emphasis on the latter, since cannabis tends to cause dry mouth.


 How Should I Consume It?

There are so many ways to administer marijuana medically—smoking, oils, vaporizing, topicals, sublingual sprays, transdermal patches, edibles and infused beverages like teas. All of which create different sensations within the body for various amounts of time. The way you consume it will depend on the symptoms of your given medical condition. Those suffering from chronic pain may benefit from an edible that is longer-lasting, whereas someone who needs more immediate relief should smoke or vaporize their cannabis. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best possible strain and consumption style to treat your particular diagnosis.

Take It Slow!

This cannot be stressed enough. While it’s physically impossible to die from a cannabis overdose, it can still create undesirable effects if too much is consumed too quickly. Especially for first-time cannabis users, dosage control is key. When smoking or vaping, take short, light hits and try not to breathe too deeply. Then pause for roughly 30 minutes to monitor how it makes you feel before doing more. Edibles take longer to kick in (on average between a half hour to an hour) so take a small bite and wait until you feel it. Their effects also last longer, (anywhere from 4-8 hours) which is why you don’t want to scarf down a whole cookie and potentially have to deal with negative effects that hit you hard later in the day.

Get Help From Professionals:

The professionals at MedWell Health & Wellness Centers are driven to help all patients obtain the most effective treatment possible. We, along with a budtender (educated sales associate) at your local dispensary, can assist with choosing the perfect cannabis strain, dosages, ingestion methods, and compound ratios for your specific medical needs. Educate yourself as much as possible by asking questions about different marijuana compounds and what to expect as a first-time cannabis user.

By sticking to these simple guidelines, your maiden voyage aboard the medical marijuana express is more likely to be successful and beneficial as it is intended to be. Remember that millions of MMJ patients across the globe use marijuana every day for debilitating conditions for a reason. It has proven to be more effective than many conventional and potentially harmful treatment options and is only awaiting further research to provide relief for additional ailments in the future.

We offer even more educational items through various publications for both long-time and first-time cannabis users. One of the ways we like to keep our patients informed is on the MedWell Health & Wellness Centers Facebook Page.

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