Medical Conditions for Marijuana Treatment Florida

If you live in Florida and have an ailment that can make you dependent on marijuana, you may qualify for a medical marijuana card.

Florida is an upcoming state that has joined the legalized marijuana usage for potential patients. There are a lot of ailments that can qualify you to attain a marijuana card and be certified by your licensed healthcare practitioner.

This is all because of the “Compassionate Care Act” the includes the limited list of the following debilitating medical conditions that determine if you qualify for these services:

*Any of these Conditions as Added by the Commissioner

*Any of these conditions can be added or deleted at any time via the Health Commissioner.

Legislation Behind Qualifying Conditions

In order for a physical ailment or condition to be qualified for a medical marijuana card, there are some stipulations that have to be approved. The legislation that determines if a condition is qualifiable is determined as such:

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

In order to qualify, each patient requires these items:

These conditions are on the approved list of possible qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card. Even with a card, there are restrictions and guidelines that must be followed. If you have any of these ailments, please consult your doctor to see if the card is right for you. This list is not a replacement for professional medical advice.