Medical Marijuana Florida

Medical Marijuana Florida

Depending on the type and severity of injury or ailment, traditional treatment approaches may not be effective. At MedWell Health and Wellness Centers, we offer an array of holistic, alternative treatment options to help you live your life pain-free.

Our Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Certifications are available to patients who need something more than a traditional treatment. MMJ Certifications take place in our office, where we complete the registration process for the Florida Online System. After completing certification, our patients can obtain MMJ from any licensed dispensary in the state.

To start the process, patients must make an appointment with a MedWell Health and Wellness Centers provider. During the appointment, the physician will go over what type of ailment causes pain and identify any potential contraindications to the use of MMJ.

MMJ functions by blocking the binding of pain receptors within smooth and skeletal muscle tissue. As a result, pain signals are interrupted prior to arrival in the central nervous system, which reduces the overall sense of pain. Furthermore, high levels of cannabinol (CBD), in place of high levels of THC, provide these effects without dramatic impact to cognitive functioning. In other words, our patients can get the beneficial effects of ingesting MMJ without the euphoric, mind-altering chemicals. Essentially, patients can enjoy a pain-free, fulfilling life, which is the goal of our holistic, alternative therapies.

Some qualified conditions for MMJ-treatment range from amphetamine dependency to major depression to whiplash. However, the list of approved conditions includes more than 100 different ailments, which contains nearly all forms of cancer as well.

Unfortunately, insurance does not currently cover MMJ Certifications, but our office accepts cash and credit card payments to complete your registration. We also offer MMJ Certification Renewal, but we do have a late or cancellation fee if patients miss an appointment.

Medical Marijuana is rapidly the changing the face of alternative medicine, and MedWell Health and Wellness Centers would like to help you get back to a pain-free life. Contact our office today for more information about scheduling an MMJ Evaluation and Certification. You should not have to suffer from pain.