OMMU Dosage Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Use Florida

OMMU Dosage Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Use Florida

Recently, the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use or OMMU issued an update to the regulations of medical marijuana usage. Within the newly established guide, they indicated valuable information on a patient’s cannabis dosing and daily allotment.

At face value, the new directive may come off as restrictive to medical marijuana patients. However, regulating commercially legalized marijuana is not a new ordeal.

In a 2014 article by the American Public Health Association, they mentioned that regulation prevents any oversight in an uncontrollable market and also addresses the unforeseen effects of cannabis legalization. States and local governments are allowed to create mechanisms that control cannabis production, sale, and usage if it meant upholding public health safety.

Such is the case with the new OMMU dosage guidelines for medical marijuana use. In this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about it. Keep reading.

What is Florida OMMU?

The OMMU or Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use is a regulatory body under the Florida Department of Health designed to control the usage of cannabis throughout the state. Their statutory duties include the development and implementation of accurate rules regarding the legality, healthy and safe usage of medical marijuana.

They provide accurate information and reliable resources to patients, caregivers, and physicians on how they could avail Florida’s cannabis program. On August 29, 2022, the Florida OMMU updated and established new OMMU guidelines for medical marijuana use.

We’ll uncover them below. But first…

What Were the Previous Guidelines for Medical Marijuana Use?

Prior to the latest update, the only restrictions that OMMU had from a dosing standpoint was that each patient was limited to 2.5 oz. (70.875 grams) of flower every 35 days. That means, patients can’t buy more than the said amount within a 35-day frame.

Latest OMMU Dosage Guidelines

The new OMMU dosage guidelines for medical marijuana use included details on dosing and daily allotment of various routes (or modes of administration). The update was pursuant to the Florida Statutes on Public Health section 381.986(4)(f). According to the law, the Department of Health shall quantify a daily dose amount for each allowable form of marijuana from dispensaries. These daily doses will then be used to calculate a 70-day supply limit.

In compliance with the said law, the Department of Health released Emergency Rule 64ER22-8, indicating the Dosing and Supply Limits for Medical Marijuana. There, they indicated the daily dose amount and 70-day supply limits for the various cannabis routes.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Edibles
    • Examples: baked goods, soft chews, and chocolates
    • Daily Dose Amount: 60mg THC
    • 70-Day Supply Limit: 4,200mg THC
  • Inhalation (e.g., vaporization)
    • Daily Dose Amount: 350mg THC
    • 70-Day Supply Limit: 24,500mg THC
  • Oral
    • Examples: Capsules and tinctures
    • Daily Dose Amount: 200mg THC
    • 70-Day Supply Limit: 14,000mg THC
  • Sublingual
    • Sublingual tinctures
    • Daily Dose Amount: 190mg THC
    • 70-Day Supply Limit: 13,300mg THC
  • Suppository
    • Daily Dose Amount: 195mg THC
    • 70-Day Supply Limit: 13,650mg THC
  • Topical
    • Examples: Creams, oils, lotions and sprays
    • Daily Dose Amount: 150mg THC
    • 70-Day Supply Limit: 10,500mg THC
  • Marijuana (in the form of smoking)
    • Daily Dose Amount: 2.025 grams
    • *70-Day Supply Limit: N/A

*The time duration for marijuana flowers remains at 35 days or is equivalent to 70.875 grams.

What Do the New OMMU Guidelines Entail?

The daily dose amount is not necessarily the limit you can get on a daily basis. For example, the 70-day period limit for oral marijuana is 14 thousand mg THC. You can get this amount within a day or a month if you please. However, once you max out what you could buy for a particular route, you’ll wait for the 70-day limit to expire before you can purchase the same product.

Additionally, the aggregate or total limit for all forms of marijuana within the 70-day supply limit shall not exceed 24,500 mg THC. This means that you can get a smidge of each route as pleased, but not beyond the said value. The only exception to this rule is marijuana in the form of smoking.

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