Ultimate Guide to Medical Marijuana Strains

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana strains

If you are considering taking prescription marijuana for your medical condition then it is best to visit a medical marijuana Doctor.

While you may think you are fine without a doctor’s advice or guidance, think again. You should talk to one before gathering medical marijuana strains from a local dispensary.

Cannabis strains have unique chemical compounds to them. There is no strain that can miraculously treat all disorders, so your choice has to be a wise one. Here are some active ingredients that you may find in medical marijuana strains.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the active cannabinoids found in cannabis that are responsible for the many benefits that cannabis provides. Dispensaries may also sell products like CBD oil without THC that is known for getting users high.

Sativa is an ingredient that has mild THC levels and low CBD levels. They are known to alter the mind more than the body. This means that they have the capabilities of treating cancer, depression, and headache. Sativa also helps people maintain an appetite and reduce nausea for people under treatments of AIDS care or chemotherapy.

Indica has high levels of both THC and CBD. They are known to relax the body and its muscles, and will get users high without fail. Patients count on indica to treat pain, stiffness, and cramps in the body. While patients use sativa during the day, they use indica at night.

Sativa and indica can also be fused together to create hybrid strains. Patients will tend to try a few strains before they decide the right strain for them. Oftentimes, they will choose hybrids for their added benefits compared to normal strains.

Here is a list of medical marijuana strains that do wonders for its users:

  • Blueberry – mostly sativa, with moderate THC and trace amounts of CBD. Treats depression.
  • Super Lemon Haze – sativa only, with moderate THC and trace amounts of CBD and CBN. Treats headaches.
  • Purple Kush – indica only, with moderate THC. Treats joint pains in seniors.
  • Maui Wowie – mostly sativa, with moderate THC. Treats glaucoma and increases energy.
  • Afghan #1 – indica only, with moderate THC with trace amounts of CBN. Treats chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Arizona Western Light Purp – half indica, half sativa, with high THC. Treats cancer, stress, and insomnia.

To know more about the benefits of medical marijuana, talk to a medical marijuana doctor to get more opinions, time to think, and time to research a strain that is right for you.

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