Hold Onto Those Medical Marijuana Certification Cards!

Hold Onto Those Medical Marijuana Certification Cards 3














If you are a medical marijuana (MMJ) patient in Massachusetts and have already been issued a patient card, be sure to hold onto it. Massachusetts is requiring dispensaries to set aside a minimum of 35 percent of their cannabis inventory for patients who have an MMJ card.


Because medical dispensaries in Massachusetts have run out of cannabis products. Furthermore, Massachusetts is trying to be well poised to avoid the issues that Canada had on its second day after legalization. The country had massive cannabis shortages across most of the Canadian provinces. The Massachusetts rule will ensure that patients who have their MMJ Certification get the medicine they need.

It is important for approved medical marijuana patients to know that they can still purchase cannabis at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. Medical patients will definitely have some distinct advantages over recreational consumers, including:

  1. Dispensaries are allowed to deliver cannabis products to MMJ card holders at their residences
  2. You will not be taxed on medical marijuana, which amounts up to as high as 26 percent in savings
  3. Dispensary menu options are unrestricted For MMJ card holders
  4. MMJ Card Holders do not have a daily allowance limit


Best of all, by law, dispensaries must reserve at least 35 percent of their product to ensure medical marijuana is specifically and readily available for MMJ cardholders. Recreational users of Marijuana will have no such insurance that Marijuana products will be available.

We cannot tell the future, however based on previous information we do know dispensaries in Massachusetts have run out of certain Marijuana products and from what we saw happen in Canada it is a firm possibility Marijuana products can run short when recreational use becomes fully functioning in Massachusetts.

Look at it this way—if you could fly first class for less than what others are paying for coach seating, wouldn’t you do it? This is a great analogy for what will happen when Massachusetts gets up and running to fully implement the operations required for recreational cannabis legalization across the state.

So, MMJ patients, hold on to those cards.

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