How Marijuana Can Help Spinal Injury Pain

How Marijuana Can Help Spinal Injury Pain


Spinal injuries are very serious and are oftentimes incurable. These injuries can be a result of a fall, gunshot, or car accident. For those suffering from these types of injuries, it is a constant struggle in learning how to manage or tolerate the pain. As marijuana has been used to treat pain, it is no surprise that those who have spinal cord injuries are trying this as a way to manage chronic pain. Keep reading to learn more.


What Is Involved In A Spinal Injury

Spinal cord injuries include damage to ligaments, vertebrae, discs, or to the cord. As mentioned above, this damage can be caused by an accident, a gunshot wound, or a traumatic fall. These accidents can cause fractures or can crush the vertebrae. Swelling, inflammation, bleeding, or fluid around the wound can cause further damage. Those who have spinal cord injuries use medical marijuana as a means of receiving treatment for pain as it has shown to be effective in relieving pain for other illnesses or injuries that result in consistent pain.


Treating A Spinal Injury

There are no known treatments to completely restore serious damage to the spinal cord at this time. If an injury to the spine is suspected, it is imperative to first keep the person completely still, especially the neck and head. Neck braces may be used as well during the recovery time. Surgery may occur to help repair the spine and remove bone fragments or herniated discs. Rehabilitation will likely be necessary as well. Even after these steps have been taken, pain is still likely to exist. At this time, there are no medications to treat spinal cord injuries, although there are certain prescription drugs that can help to relieve symptoms.


Using Medical Marijuana for A Spinal Injury

Side effects of spinal injuries depend on the severity of the damage done, as well as the location of the damage. These side effects include pain, muscle spasms, bowel and bladder control issues, and sexual dysfunction. Marijuana can be used in treating pain, including nerve pain, as well as reducing inflammation. Muscle spasms are another common occurrence for those with spinal cord injuries. Cannabis can ease these spasms as well as help with anxiety and achieving better sleep.


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