How States Decide What is a Qualifying MMJ Condition

What is a Qualifying MMJ Condition

Medical marijuana programs throughout the United States depend on a range of legislative points. When there are no federal regulations in place to help states decide what is a qualifying MMJ Condition, each state is left to choose its own regulations for its residents.


In every state, the biggest issue is whether or not an individual will qualify for a medical marijuana program. Each state has different conditions under its medical programs, and some are more restrictive than others.


How a States Chooses what is an MMJ Qualifying Condition

The specifics regarding how each state chooses its list of qualifying conditions remain somewhat uncertain. Governors and other high-ranked officials in each state have a lot to do with the decision. Their opinions and viewpoints can make or break the legality of medical marijuana in general. In the end, the current determination process can leave an individual qualifying for medical marijuana in one state but would deny that person in another state with the same conditions.


A 2019 analysis of qualifying conditions across the U.S. helped shine some light on these issues. The University of Michigan and Deloitte Consulting report concluded that chronic pain was the most commonly cited condition among patients in 2016, totaling 67.5% of patients. Additionally, the report found that 85.5% of patient-reported conditions had what was described as substantial or conclusive evidence of marijuana’s medical benefits.


Research also shows that it is vital for state and federal policymakers to include marijuana research into each state’s healthcare system. Putting funds towards this research will make it easier for elected officials to make educated decisions about medical marijuana.


The Effects on the Public

Both medical marijuana patients and applicants deal with a challenging situation. The current medical marketplace leaves individuals in every state somewhat unsure. Without clear, definitive medical marijuana laws across the United States, some people feel uneasy, especially when they qualify for the program in one state and don’t in another. If there could be a national regulation level, more patients and doctors would be able to make their own choices, instead of relying on separate state laws. Unfortunately, current patients have to worry about having access to medical marijuana if they travel to another state. This huge problem must be addressed, as it has negative impacts on many medical marijuana users.


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