How to properly store Medical Marijuana Flower

Many MMJ patients have questions about the proper storage of medical cannabis. MedWell Health & Wellness is here to help. While Cannabis has no set expiration date, it is best to store in a cool, dark, place. Let’s discuss the other ways that you can ensure that your MMJ has a longer shelf life.

Is there an ideal storage temperature?

Ideally, cannabis should be stored at temperatures below 77°F, so that mold and mildew does not have the opportunity to grow. Along with mold and mildew, excessive heat can also dry cannabis to the point that the medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes are no longer active. Therefore, storing your cannabis in a cool, dark place is a great precautionary measure.

How does humidity affect your MMJ?

Humidity control is very important when it comes to keeping mold at bay. In general, cannabis should be stored in the 59-63 percent range of relative humidity. Anything higher greatly increases the chance of mildew, and anything below that risks drying out of the oils and other important elements of the cannabis.

Does UV light damage cannabis?

UV rays can actually damage lots of organic matter, including cannabis. In the same way that your car paint fades with prolonged exposure, cannabis can degrade over time with prolonged UV exposure. In fact, research has shown that UV light is the single biggest contributor to cannabinoid degradation. We don’t want that, since cannabinoids like CBD and others have the medicinal properties you need for your health condition. Storing cannabis in a dark place with no direct light can greatly prolong the life of your cannabis.

Does cannabis need oxygen?

After cannabis is dried, it still needs some air to stay fresh. Too little air causes improper relative humidity, while too much air can dry out the cannabis or cause degradation to the organic matter. You can store your cannabis in a vacuum-sealed jar to maintain just the right amount of air.

What else do I need to know?

There are lots of “don’ts” when it comes to cannabis storage. Contrary to popular belief, never store your cannabis in the refrigerator or freezer. Your refrigerator has too many humidity fluctuations that will encourage mold and mildew growth. Your freezer is too cold, and the freezing temperatures will damage the parts of the plant that contain the healing ingredients.
Don’t store your cannabis on top of the fridge either, or near any appliance that can give off heat.

Never store your MMJ in a container that can have a static charge, like a plastic bag. Static electricity can damage the plant’s trichomes, so use a neutral container like a glass jar.

The type of cannabis product you use will dictate the storage guidelines, but no cannabis product should be stored for long periods of time. A good rule of thumb is to think of cannabis as a food item and store it for the same length of time that you would any other food. Talk to us at MedWell Health and make an appointment today. We can advise you on the storage needs for your medical cannabis.

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