Medical Cannabis and What You Need to Know in Your Job Search

As cannabis products become legalized in more states for medical purposes, more people use medical cannabis to treat their health issues. Because of this, medical marijuana cards can be issued to patients with qualifying conditions. These conditions are selected and posted by their resident state. A medical marijuana user may wonder how using medical cannabis will affect your job search, as many employers require drug tests. Keep reading to learn more about how to search for jobs while using medical marijuana.

Careers that Do Not Require a Drug Test

Over 50% of employers require a drug test as part of the hiring process. However, there are still several positions that do not require drug tests. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Target, Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Michael’s do not ask for drug tests. These companies are known for offering decent health insurance benefits. As you are less likely to become injured in these positions, you have a lower chance of ever needing a drug test. While searching for jobs that do not require drug tests, keep in mind that any job that involves heavy machinery will ask for a drug test. Jobs that involve driving will also require it. Steer clear of any position that includes operating machines or high-security level positions as these will involve extensive testing.

Careers that Do Require a Drug Test

Consider that some positions will most likely require drug tests, such as truck driving, warehouse positions, and upper management positions. Employers need to ensure that employees are safe to operate heavy machinery and have a clear mind at all times. Other jobs that will always require testing include government, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, construction, and aerospace and defense.

Taking Medical  Cannabis After Work Hours

Taking cannabis products during the morning hours before work is not suggested as it will affect your performance at work. It can also impair your driving. However, taking cannabis products after work should not affect you during working hours, as the effects will wear off overnight.

If you have not already received a medical cannabis card, consider getting one, as it will benefit you in work situations when traveling and can help you receive discounts on cannabis products. For more information please follow us at Medwell Health.

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