Marijuana Holiday Recipes to Keep You Merry!

Marijuana Holiday Recipes

The holiday season is upon us once again and that means spending time with our loved ones, delicious food, and perhaps some stress here and there. This time of year is intended to be joyous, but the stress of finding the perfect gifts, getting stuck in hectic shopping traffic and increased bills can put a damper on the festivities. That is when foods infused with cannabis can come in handy. For those who believed that marijuana edibles were limited to just brownies, you’ll be pleased to know you can also make some of your favorite seasonal treats with a ‘Merry’ Jane twist!

Here are five of the best marijuana holiday recipes:

1. Egg ‘Nug

Egg Nog is a staple around the holidays and you can make it even more fun by infusing it with cannabis. Two ingredients needed for this recipe are whole milk and heavy whipping cream. These will need to be mixed and infused with cannabis, creating ‘cannamilk’. You can find the full recipe for cannamilk hereYou will also be using cannabis-infused vegetable glycerin tincture for this recipe along with the normal ingredients for egg nog. Complete recipe…

2. Pot Hot Chocolate

If egg nog isn’t your go-to holiday beverage, how about some lip-smacking cannabis hot chocolate? This scrumptious recipe includes brandy, cinnamon sticks, and four grams of ground cannabis. In order to make it work the best with this recipe, you’ll want to use a sweet strain of cannabis as this will better complement the chocolate. Complete recipe…

3. Cannabis Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is another holiday favorite that you can kick up a notch. For this recipe, you will use a quarter cup of cannabutter. To make cannabutter, finely grind your cannabis and combine it with unsalted butter. You can find and easy cannabutter recipe here. After this is complete, you can get to work on your pumpkin pie and use it in place of regular butter. Complete recipe…

4. Ganjabread “Gingerbread” House

Who didn’t enjoy building a gingerbread house as a kid? Now you can do it again with an adult spin. This is also done by using cannabutter in place of regular butter. Just bake, build, decorate and enjoy! Complete recipe…

5. Basic Cannabis Sugar Cookies

What are the holidays without sugar cookies? This is another recipe that infuses cannabis by using cannabutter. Not only is cannabis used in the cookies themselves, you can also use the cannabutter to make the frosting. Complete recipe…

You can also check out these recipes for chocolate frosting, budder icing, and almond/orange cannabutter frosting

As always, Medwell Health & Wellness strongly encourages you to consume these marijuana holiday recipes carefully and responsibly. So start baking to boost your holiday season and have a wonderful New Year!

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