Massachusetts Online / Telemedicine MMJ Certifications

Telemedicine is 100% up and running. All patients are encouraged to use this service!

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MMJ Certification Appointment

Telemedicine MMJ Certifications

  • You have access to high speed internet
  • Your device has a camera and microphone
  • You can dial-in from a space where you have privacy
  • Promotional Pricing through April 30th:
  • MMJ Certification $175
  • MMJ Recertification $150

MMJ  Certification Appointment

In-Office Visits are now becoming more available as our state begins to rebound from the COVID - 19 Pandemic.

  • Cannot Utilize Online Appointment Options (Telemedicine Appointments Above Use Orange Button)
  • Facility Cleaned After Each In-Office Appointment
  • Social Distancing Guidelines In Effect
  • MMJ Certification $175, MMJ Recertification $150