Medical Cannabis and Agoraphobia

Medical Cannabis and Agoraphobia

Those who suffer from agoraphobia struggle with handling daily tasks such as taking public transportation, being in tightly enclosed areas, waiting in long lines, or being in crowds. This anxiety disorder makes it difficult to be in these situations due to the fear that he or she will become trapped in uncomfortable circumstances. When the individual is triggered, he or she will experience panic attacks so severe, making it difficult to leave the house without feeling afraid. Medical cannabis has been a recent treatment for this anxiety disorder. Keep reading to find out more.

Causes and Symptoms

Agoraphobia is often caused by sudden traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one or a tragic accident. Individuals who experience the symptoms of this anxiety disorder suffer from rapid breathing or difficulty breathing, sweating, chills, chest pain, stomach ache, dizziness, feeling helpless, or feeling afraid of death. They may also feel afraid to be alone and become clingy to friends and relatives. In addition, they are afraid to travel outside of the home without someone accompanying them.

How Medical Cannabis Can Help With Agoraphobia

Studies have shown that medical cannabis can assist those who deal with agoraphobia as it can change the way a patient’s brain reacts to triggers of anxiety. With any medication, there are positive and negative side effects. Good side effects of medical cannabis include feeling relaxed and feeling positive. The negative side effects include paranoia and intense feelings of fear. Each patient will react differently to medical cannabis, and therefore some will experience reduced anxiety after taking cannabis while others may experience an elevation in anxiety. It is important for patients to be careful in the amount of cannabis ingested, as larger doses have been known to elevate panic.

No one wants to constantly live in fear and anxiety. It drains the person emotionally, mentally, and physically. It also greatly affects every facet of life. Rather than struggle with agoraphobia on your own, consider speaking with cannabis professionals. Medwell Health and Wellness Centers are made up of dedicated nurses, physicians, and cannabis professionals that aim to provide educated options for those who are struggling with a variety of ailments. For more information on medical cannabis, please visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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