Medical Marijuana and the Best MMJ strains for Managing Pain

mmj strains for managing pain

Pain is one of the most common reasons patients use medical cannabis, and it works. Medical cannabis is effective on several forms of pain, including pain caused by inflammation, headaches, muscle soreness, neuropathy, spinal injury, fibromyalgia or cramps. The type and intensity of pain, as well as the person’s unique physiology all, play a role in how effective medical marijuana might be on treating pain.

More and more, patients are using medical marijuana to obtain relief from chronic pain. Some strains of cannabis are more suited to ease the pain. In general, there are two main strains of cannabis – indica and sativa. Then, there are a whole host of hybrid strains. In general, indica strains are better for pain management because these strains have an overall sedative effect.

There are also many different applications of cannabis that can be tried, such as smoking or vaping, oils, creams, topical, edibles, and transdermal patches. No matter what method you use, here are a few strains that are very effective for pain.

– ACDC is a very effective painkilling strain that uses both CBD and THC in an entourage effect to give a one-two punch to knock out your pain.  

– Blackberry Kush is a THC-dominant strain that will make you feel blissful and euphoric. You will feel your pain lift from your body. This strain’s sweet berry flavor helps to make you pain-free.

– Harlequin is a great strain for getting rid of the pain without creating a foggy mind. Because it is a high CBD strain, it does not produce the hallucinogenic effect that THC does. As such, many patients use this to medicate during the day.

– Blue Widow is a great hybrid strain that is a cross between the Blueberry and White Widow strains. This strain has tremendous anti-inflammatory effects.

– Blueberry Headband is another hybrid with a sweet berry flavor. It goes to your head fast to deliver relief from all types of headaches.

– Redwood Kush provides high-THC tension relief that helps ease muscle cramps while also relaxing your mind. Many patients love their woody forest aroma.

– Dynamite is also a high-THC strain that is very effective on muscle cramps.Cataract Kush is a hybrid of two classic strains, LA Confidential, and OG Kush. This strain is extremely potent and not good for the novice. Many patients use it to get rid of the debilitating pain associated with spinal injuries.

– Mazar I Sharif is an extremely potent painkiller strain from Afghanistan.

Medical marijuana is used increasingly as a popular alternative and effective choice for pain without resorting to harmful medications like opioids. Did you know that chronic pain affects more people today than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined?

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