Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

medical marijuana for chronic pain


You may be one of over 100 million Americans living with chronic pain. This is pain that lasts 12 weeks or longer without resolving. Chronic pain can be hard to treat and is often misunderstood by medical providers. Many of us don’t want to use opioid medications, which are often prescribed for this diagnosis. And there weren’t many other medication options – until now. Multiple studies are proving the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana for chronic pain.

An Ally in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

As the death toll from opiate painkillers exceeds 65,000 American lives, the stigma from the use of medical marijuana, or cannabis, is relaxing. More and more people are incorporating the use of medical marijuana for chronic pain into the medical care of their loved ones. They are also using it as a last resort if other treatments fail or produce unwelcome side effects. The results have been striking for several illnesses.  Many people using medical cannabis experience an improved quality of life, and have decreased their opioid painkiller use by up to 64%. Adverse side-effects from other medications have also been reduced. Not only is this a safer option than using opioids; it also works to help people with chronic pain reduce their opioid use.

Safe and Effective

The essential compounds found in the whole cannabis plant account for the effectiveness of medical marijuana for a wide range of chronic pain. These same compounds, called cannabinoids, are also produced in the human body to fight pain and inflammation. This may be why this treatment works so well. It reduces chronic nerve pain that has been difficult to treat in arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and low back pain, and sciatica. It is also successful in reducing pain from cancer, severe infections, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, and Multiple Sclerosis. It has been used with certain cancers to help control or reduce tumors. As a further benefit, medical marijuana has shown to be highly useful in the successful treatment of specific psychological challenges. From anxiety to PTSD, these diagnoses often accompany a diagnosis of chronic pain.

How Do I Access Medical Marijuana

Currently, you need a certification card to have premium access legal access to medical marijuana. This is a simple process that many people have completed successfully and is performed here at MedWell Health & Wellness Centers.  The benefits of a Medical Marijuana Certification Card (MMJ) are:

  • MMJ Card Holders Can Receive Delivery Services To Their Residence
  • There is no Tax on Medical Marijuana (20% Savings) For MMJ Card Holders
  • Dispensary Menu Options are Unrestricted For MMJ Card Holders
  • MMJ Card Holders do Not have a Daily Allowance Limit
  • Dispensaries must reserve/save product specifically for MMJ Card Holders to ensure it is available

If you could fly first class for less than what others are paying for coach seating would you?

Heck Yah, with the tax savings and an average user going to the dispensary twice a month and purchasing an average of $63 in Medical Marijuana Product. That totals $1512. If you can avoid the tax by having your Medical Marijuana Certification Card you save $302.40 and receive all the other benefits.


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