Medical Marijuana Costs

Medical Marijuana Costs

There are no “fixed prices” for medical marijuana in the United States. But there are average prices based on several factors, including the type of marijuana or strain and location, which you can use to glean insight into what you may have to pay!

For instance, the average cost of a gram of buds can go between $5 to $20.

Meanwhile, an “eighth,” which is 3.5 grams, can cost you around $20 to $60. And a full ounce of medical marijuana can range from $299 in Florida, $308 in Rhode Island, even all the way up to $341 in Massachusetts.

If you’d like to learn more about the factors that play a role in your medical marijuana costs and what you can expect when you open the dispensary doors, continue reading!

Factors in your medical marijuana costs

1.   The ingestion method.

Medical marijuana comes in a wide variety of ingestion methods, which come at different costs to you.

The list of methods includes:

  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Sublingual options (Placed under the tongue in order for it to dissolve and quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream).
  • And even vaping options, which should only be used with caution and a regulated medical vape. Click to learn more.

Now, every option comes with its pros and cons. So we recommend you visit the articles linked above to learn more.

2.   State regulations and taxes.

They are often overlooked. But state taxes and regulations play a huge role in medical marijuana costs.

For example, in Massachusetts, there is no sales tax for medical marijuana, which can lead to savings of up to 26 percent compared to recreation use purchases!

If you’re not based in Massachusetts, the sales taxes and regulations will vary. So do some research to discover the taxes and regulations that you’ll encounter.

3.   Strain quality.

Determined by the marijuana’s potency, scent, flavor, origin and even cultivation method, the quality of the strain is important to the overall value of medical marijuana.

However, to the advantage of your wallet, high-quality strains are rarely recommended by doctors. For the most part, they only become important later on if tolerance is built up or in other special cases.

Discuss with your doctor what strain is ideal for you.

4.   Rebates and discounts.

The cost of obtaining a medical marijuana card can scare away the vast majority of people.

However, what you may not know is that most dispensaries offer rebates and discounts, which can offset the cost of obtaining your medical marijuana card. In fact, many patients save more money over the course of one year than they spend on registration fees and exam costs in the first place.

Patients may also receive access to a delivery service, express service and more benefits at the dispensary in addition to the discounts.

To start taking advantage of those benefits and discounts yourself, schedule your medical marijuana appointment with Medwell Health and Wellness today.

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