Medical Marijuana for Patients with Diabetes

Medical Marijuana for Patients with Diabetes

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Patients with Diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 34.2 million Americans have received a diagnosis of diabetes. This sobering statistic does not include the millions of Americans who may not know that they are afflicted with the disease.

Diabetes stems from a lack of functioning of the pancreas. Because of this malfunction, the pancreas can no longer produce and manage the body’s insulin. As a result, the body can no longer regulate blood sugar levels.

Many clinical studies indicate that medical marijuana is beneficial for patients managing the challenges of Type 2 diabetes. Educate yourself on how medical marijuana may address many symptoms and conditions associated with this dreaded disease.

Pain Relief

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the main conditions from which patients seek pain relief. The condition has been described as countless pins pricking the skin at the same time. The sensation can be excruciating and even debilitating.

Cannabis provides pain relief without the complications of medication interactions, compared to opioids or other prescriptions. The therapeutic analgesic and pain-numbing properties of cannabis allow the patient to get desperately needed sleep, which leads to an overall improvement of the patient’s health.

Regulation of Mood Disorders Related to Diabetes

Many diabetic patients are restricted to a low-carbohydrate diet, eliminating many traditional comfort foods such as desserts, bread and potatoes. These restrictions, compounded by pain and lack of sleep, often lead to feelings of depression, hopelessness, and irritability.

Therapeutic application of cannabinoids has been found to regulate moods and provide relief from anxiety and depression. The condition becomes more manageable, as diabetic patients learn which strains of marijuana work best based on their individual reaction to marijuana strain types. This being the case, the use of marijuana to regulate mood disorders associated with diabetes at first may take some time to test and find which marijuana strain and product type work best.

Lowering of Hypertension

Hypertension increases the thickness of the walls of major arteries. Diabetes leads to a thickening of the blood, causing plaque to be distributed and arteries to be narrowed. Medical marijuana has been attributed to lowering elevated blood pressure and hypertension, though further study is needed.

The benefits of therapeutic medical marijuana are promising for a myriad of problems associated with diabetes. Some states have already included diabetes as a qualifying health condition. Other states are allowing medical professionals to determine if cannabis is an appropriate form of treatment.

There is hope in the management of diabetes without the harmful side effects of many medications. The caring professionals of Medwell Health and Wellness are ready to guide you on your journey to relief. If you are interested in more information or obtaining your medical marijuana card, please contact Medwell Health and Wellness today.

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