Part Time Florida Residents Can Receive a Medical Marijuana Certification Card

medical marijuana in florida

Nearly a million people live in Florida seasonally and, when they are present, they raise the state’s population by about 5%. What many part-time residents don’t realize, though, is that despite the fact that they aren’t permanent residents of the Sunshine State, they may still be eligible for a medical marijuana certification. Medical marijuana laws initially passed in Florida in November of 2016, and as of December 2018, the state had issued over 174,000 certifications for medical marijuana patients. As more and more people begin to realize and experience the health benefits of this natural medicine, that number will certainly continue to grow.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal and available in thirty-five states, and it helps many people with a wide variety of conditions every day. The conditions for which medical marijuana are applicable in Florida specifically are numerous and include HIV/AIDS, ALS, cancer, Crohn’s Disease, epilepsy, glaucoma, MS, Parkinson’s, PTSD, and more. If a patient is pre-diagnosed with a qualifying condition or with chronic pain, he or she is eligible for this sort of treatment as well.

Medical Marijuana Eligibility in Florida

In order to obtain a Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry Card, a prospective holder must either be a full time or seasonal Florida resident. Snowbirds, or people who live in Florida for a period of time at any time of the year, are completely and legally eligible.

There is, of course, a process to get a card, but it is easy to follow and to understand. In addition to living in Florida for some or all of the year, patients must be eighteen years old or older.  They must obtain a copy of their medical records from their doctor that describe their applicable condition, and must be diagnosed in person by a certified medical marijuana physician.

Once the doctor gives his or her recommendation, the patient’s name will be entered in to the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry by their doctor, and after that, the patient can apply for their Registry Identification Card that they will use to obtain their medicine at the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. Applications can be completed online or by mail, and must include a passport quality photo and the $75 processing fee. After approval, they will receive their card in the mail.

In Florida, patients must be recertified at least once every 270 days to continue holding a valid card, and to keep the card up to date, they also have to renew their card once a year. Med Well Health and Wellness Centers offer appointments for recertification as well as for initial evaluations to find out if you are eligible for this exciting and effective medicine. Make your MMJ certification appointment by clicking here.