Medical Marijuana Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs

Medical Marijuana Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs

Medical Marijuana and CBD oil is being used more frequently by consumers to treat minor ailments, thus, allowing them to stop taking over the counter medicines. But the lingering question still remains, is Medical Marijuana a better, more natural option, than pharmaceutical drugs?

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana contains both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Doctors are finding that patients with certain diseases and ailments benefit more from the use of Medical Marijuana as it contains both THC and CBD combined. As research continues Doctors are continuing to record which ailments require both.

Medical Marijuana Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs?

More and more consumers are looking to find more natural ways of treating their ailments. Let’s face it, we’re sick of pumping our bodies full of medicine. Why wouldn’t we be? Take pill “A” for this pain and pill “B” for that pain. But now you need to take pill “C” to offset the side effects of pills “A” and “B” – yikes.

The problem lies in the federal government, big surprise, as marijuana is classified as an illegal drug. While most states have made CBD oil legal, it crosses through the sticky federal laws. Access to Medical Marijauna in most states continues to reside through a state mandated certification. In our state of Massachusetts, Recreational use of Marijuana has been passed but is still not in place.

Medical Marijuana Card holders have numerous benefits over that of citizens Purchasing Marijuana for Recreational Use. For Instance Medical Marijuana Card Holders:

  • Can Receive Delivery Services To Their Residence
  • There is no Tax on Medical Marijuana (20% Savings) For MMJ Card Holders
  • Dispensary Menu Options are Unrestricted
  • No Daily Allowance Limit
  • Dispensaries must reserve/save product specifically for MMJ Card Holders to ensure it is available

Researchers are working more on providing substantial evidence of the benefits Medical Marijuana Versus Pharmaceutical Drugs, but consumers are speaking out now. If you are in need of a Medical Marijuana Card to explore the health and numerous benefits listed above for both options THC and CBD, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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