MedWell Health – Marijuana Etiquette

MedWell Health - Marijuana Etiquette

As we all know, medical marijuana is becoming increasingly common. Here and there, new people are joining the medical marijuana community. And while these new people enjoy medical marijuana benefits, there’s a growing issue. New users aren’t familiar with marijuana etiquette, leaving them feeling out of place when partaking in groups or even when they’re alone.

But, people unfamiliar with the proper marijuana etiquette can’t stop using for that reason alone, nor should they feel like they have to. So to help reduce your anxiety levels and ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable while partaking, we will teach you proper marijuana etiquette today!

Smoking at a Party

First and foremost, use your best judgment

Sometimes, it’s just not a good idea to propose a marijuana session, especially if a significant person in your life, such as a boss, is attending the party. Overall, you should always think about that before you say anything.

Always ask for permission

Nobody wants to be caught off guard with smoke in their face. If you’re considering using your marijuana, ask everyone around you at the party before you do. If the hosts and the guests are OK with it, ask where you should do it– inside or outside, this room or that room? Be clear.

Respect the host

Never assume you can bring marijuana, always be sure to ask. Sometimes, your host is OK with it; other times, they may not be. Don’t assume and guess wrong.

Respect people who don’t smoke

Some guests at the party don’t want to be around marijuana or can’t be, so always think of them first, before you medicate. If some people would rather stay away from it, don’t make it a focal point of the party.

Don’t pressure anyone

If some people are against it, don’t force anything. Peer pressure is for children and people that do not respect their friends.
Smoking at Home

Stay respectful

In some states where recreational use is legal, it’s okay to smoke on your porch or any other private property of yours. But you still need to be considerate towards your neighbors. Take a look at the distance between your homes and use your judgment. You may find it’s too close, and it would spill onto their porch. If so, smoke in a different area.

And keep in mind that just because it’s legal here and there, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be legal in your state, so be sure to check.

When kids are around

Always smoke far outside of their view and smell. Also, invest in a locking stash box, so there’s no chance they can get into it.

When roommates are present

Your roommates have as much of a right to the rules of the house as you do. So, always be upfront and honest with them to define where it’s okay to smoke and where it isn’t.

When roommates have guests

Always smoke in private if your roommate’s guests are over.

When consuming edibles

Know what your tolerance is

Edibles can be tricky to get right. Some people accidentally overdo it. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to save them for when you’re home alone.

Mark your edibles

People can’t get enough of brownies, and most roommates (good or bad) will eat at least one. To avoid any mistakes like that, make sure your edibles are marked clearly. That way, your roommates don’t scarf a few down thinking they’re any old brownies.

That does it for marijuana etiquette 101. If you keep everything above in mind, you should be good to go! Please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest medical marijuana news!

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