MMJ Certified Patients Receive Next Day Delivery Service From Dispensaries


New marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts are “sprouting” up! Once approved, these new dispensaries will be legal for both Medical Marijuana (MMJ) cardholders and recreational users. However, MMJ patients are able to have special measures under the Massachusetts state law. The application process for medical and recreational is completely separate, so places are not required to service both types of patrons. In order to prepare for the estimated profuse amount of customers, these dispensaries have set up these special measures:

Delivery- MMJ cardholders will be able to receive shipments to their place of residence. This is because they may homebound without the ability to leave in order to get their products. Furthermore, most dispensaries offer next day delivery.

Tax Reduction- MMJ cardholders will save 20% to 26% on the product because they will not have to pay the taxes.

No Daily Allowance Limit- Where recreational customers can purchase 28 grams (one ounce) of flower, MMJ cardholders can purchase up to a 60-day supply of ten ounces of flower or its equivalent.

Ensured Product- Massachusetts’ law requires dispensaries to hold back a 35 percent of product saved for MMJ cardholders specifically, so if they run out of product for the recreational customers, there will still be some available for cardholders.

No Wait – There will be two separate lines in the dispensaries: one for recreational customers and one for MMJ cardholders. This is to ensure that MMJ cardholders won’t have to wait in line, won’t have a limit of the amount of THC in their products

Parking – The dispensaries are predicting to have full lots used by the influx of customers. In the Massachusetts State Regulations, if a dispensary services both Medical and Recreational individuals, only the Medical patients will be permitted to use the parking lot

Although these are the general special measures, each dispensary has their own specific policies for their customers/patients. For example, the average purchase limit for recreational users is one-eighth of flower, although others allow pre-rolled joints, edibles and THC-infused items. We have found Dispensaries are “throttling” the recreational limits down below state guidelines due to inventory concerns. MMJ Certified Card holders experience no such purchase limitations.

Having an MMJ card is the same as having a first-class ticket. If you could fly first class for less than what others are paying for coach seating, would you do it?

If you wish to bypass all of these special measures and become the top priority sign up! Just click here to set up your Medical Marijuana Card Certification appointment.