Interested in finding out more about one of our Pop-Up Clinics?

If you’d like more information, or are interested in booking an appointment at any of our state-wide Pop-Up Clinics please give us a call at 774 - 517 - 5195 or click the link below to have someone from our team reach out to you. Don’t forget to stay up to date with our event calendar to see when we will be hosting a pop-up clinic in your city!

One of our our team members here at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers will be happy to amswer any questions you may have!

Medwell Health and Wellness Centers Medical Marijuana Pop-Up Clinics:

  • Industry Experts ready to share their knowledge and passion for MMJ with you
  • Answers to a wide variety of questions pertaining to MMJ
  • An understanding of the history of the cannabis plant, along with laws and other important facts.
  • An opportunity to hear success stories from other patients suffering from similar debilitating conditions