MMJ Strains For Treating Anxiety

MMJ Strains For Treating Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be a nightmare. From the grips of worry and restlessness to the tense muscles and inability to sleep, the symptoms of anxiety wreak havoc on your daily life. Many adults have found certain strains of cannabis helpful in the treatment of their anxiety. Yet, ironically, other types have been found to actually make symptoms worse. Discover what recent research has revealed about using cannabis most effectively in getting the relief you deserve.

A groundbreaking study was recently released that began looking at the chemical fingerprint of the most beneficial types of cannabis. A team of research associates from Whistler Therapeutics in British Columbia, Canada, sought to analyze responses from patients in order to find a pattern in the strains that were most and least beneficial. Though the study had some limitations, it did reveal some very helpful findings.

A distinct grouping of the trans-nerolidol terpene and a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) were found in the most soothing types. Most were Kush varieties that share chemotypes from the landrace strains harvested from Central Asia’s Kush mountain range. They were found to share a similar chemotype of concentrations of b-caryophyllene, D-limonene, and trans-nerolidol.
It makes sense that trans-nerolidol would be effective in the treatment of anxiety. It is found in potent aromatics such as lemongrass, jasmine and tea tree, which have all been reported to offer sedating effects.

The study was also helpful in determining terpenes and strains to avoid. Chocolope was reported to be the least effective strain. The terpinolene terpene seemed to dominate those types such as Chocolope that were reported to have no effect or ill effects in anxiety treatment. Guaiol was also found in those that patients gave low marks and may need to be avoided.

While high amounts of THC were effective for patients in this study, this concentration may not be right for everyone. Some users may find the “high” side effects of THC undesirable. For those who want to avoid these effects or those who are new to using cannabis, strains that are rich in Cannabidiol (CBD) may be an answer. The mild effects of these strains may be just the amount of relief to provide a calming and reassuring experience.

Researchers are now beginning to narrow down the chemical fingerprints of effective strains of cannabis. Not only that, they are helping to eliminate bad experiences in finding those strains to avoid. This provides a helpful framework in your own quest to find relief.

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