8 New Year’s Resolutions MMJ Patients Can Toast To!

New Year's Resolutions

With 2017 just a couple days away it’s the time to brainstorm New Year’s Resolutions! Most people will think in terms of weight loss or nutrition goals, but why not think outside of the box? If you are a medical marijuana patient there are a few resolutions that could help enhance your medication experience. The following is meant to be a general list of goals for the New Year. Keep in mind these suggestions are dependent on each individual’s specific medical needs for cannabis.

Here Are 8 New Year’s Resolutions for Medicinal Marijuana Patients:

1. Try Different Cannabis Strains

Your medical needs are unique to you and so is your treatment. Consult with your doctor about trying different strains of cannabis to determine what works best. Chances are that there is one out there that works better for you than what you are accustomed to using.

2. Test New Methods of Ingestion

If you primarily smoke your medication, try edibles, vaping or other methods. Similar to trying new strains of marijuana, it could benefit you to test out different methods on ingesting your medication as well. You may find that eating cannabis-infused foods or vaping treats your particular symptoms more effectively than through traditional smoking.

3. Clean Smoking Devices Regularly

Dingy and poorly maintained smoking devices such as a bong or pipe can decrease your medication’s effectiveness. Consistent usage makes it necessary to clean these items on a regular basis to avoid a strenuous pull and wasting your cannabis. For glass pipes, soak them in hot water overnight to clear them of hard-to-reach residue that has built up inside. Cleaning products are available for other smoking apparatuses like bongs and single-hit pipes.

4. Don’t Be a ‘Lazy Smoker’

Smoke high-energy, Sativa strains and make a plan to be active after smoking, when plausible. And why not combine New Year’s resolutions? If weight loss is another personal concern, exercise after intake of marijuana to keep your energy levels up. You may need to change the amount or strain that you consume to find the right balance for working out.

5. Cut Back on Munchies

A known side-effect of cannabis is increased appetite. For those who tend to overindulge on ‘munchies’ after smoking, make an effort to monitor your food intake. Overeating or poor food choices can contribute to weight gain, especially if you fall into the ‘lazy smoker’ category. Instead, have healthy snacks and meals on hand to satisfy your hunger after consuming your medication. Another preventative measure could be to eat before medicating to fill your stomach and fight cravings.

6. Lessen Your Tolerance

When a patient consumes excessive amounts of cannabis on a regular basis, their tolerance becomes stronger requiring an increase in strength or dosage. It may not be plausible for certain individuals depending on their medical needs, but those who are able to should consider taking a medication break for a few days. Doing this will enhance the treatment’s effects when you do return to it.

7. Stay Updated/ Educate Yourself

With both medicinal and recreational marijuana in the limelight of national news these days, you’ll want to stay well-informed on the latest developments regarding MMJ products and laws. Because of this, MMJ patients are especially responsible for educating themselves on the newest legislations to ensure they are able to obtain their medical cannabis when needed.

8. Schedule and Keep ALL Necessary Appointments

To piggy-back on the idea of staying updated, you’ll need to schedule and keep any certification renewal appointments. Dispensaries for non-certified individuals aren’t expected to open until 2018 at the earliest despite the legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. As a result, this responsibility cannot be stressed enough to MMJ patients so that they can properly monitor their treatment and access their medications without conflict.

Any personal goal or life improvements can be considered New Year’s resolutions. Those in the MMJ community can use the above suggestions to make their medication intake more fulfilling and effective well beyond 2017. Here’s to your efforts towards personal betterment, and Happy New Year!

Do you fall into the category described in the 8th suggestion of our resolutions list? Schedule your MMJ certification renewal appointment by clicking here!

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