New York Law

In the state of New York, you are able to obtain medical marijuana if you have a serious condition. Some of the conditions are cancer, HIV, AIDS, and Parkinson’s disease. There are many other conditions that will make you eligible for the medication.

Before you can begin using medical marijuana, you must speak with your doctor to decide if it is needed in your specific medical situation. If you doctor decides that medical marijuana would help you, then he or she can issue you a certification for it.

Your doctor needs to be registered with the state of New York to be able to issue a certification to you. Not all doctors are registered. You can find a registered doctor on the Medical Marijuana Program website.

There are many forms of medical marijuana that you can take. There are forms like tablets and lozenges, made for using orally. There are also topical forms, which may be more useful to you depending on your condition.

Your doctor must write down the approved dosage on your certification.

There are many dispensing facilities in New York State where you can receive your medical marijuana. However, not every registered location will have the same types of medical marijuana. Also, hours at each location vary. To ensure your location has the kind of medical marijuana that you need, be sure to go to the Medical Marijuana Program website.

The state of New York has limited how much medical marijuana you can receive at one time. You can get up to a one month supply. If your medical marijuana isn’t helping you, speak with your doctor and your pharmacist to decipher if a different dosage might help you.

If you need to throw away any of your medical marijuana products, you cannot just throw them away in the trash. You need to add water to the product and then another substance, like dirt or coffee grounds. This ensures that no one will misuse the medical marijuana for recreational use.

If you need assistance getting you medical marijuana from the pharmacy, someone else may be able to pick it up for you. This person must also register with the state of New York so that way the pharmacy will allow it.

As a resident of New York State, you can only use your medical marijuana registration card in this location. You cannot go out of state and purchase medical marijuana.