There is No Tax on Medical Marijuana (20% Savings) For MMJ Card Holders

mmj card certification

Imagine you are buying airplane tickets online and see that there are some first class tickets available for much lower than a normal coach seat, would you buy them? Anyone would prefer to save money in doing the same things they already do. So, you need to be aware that all Medical Marijuana card holders in Massachusetts are exempt from the minimum 20% sales tax that comes with purchasing Recreational Cannabis. That tax can climb as high as 26% depending on location.

Use more than 3 ounces a year? You will save!

Since office visits aren’t reimbursable through insurance and must be paid for out of pocket it can be tempting to go around the Medical system and source Cannabis elsewhere. The truth is, if you have a medical need and use more than three ounces of flower (for example) in a year, then you can save money by getting your medical marijuana card. In addition, there are many other advantages such as ease of access, low dosage limits on recreational edibles, and private reserves of 35% of a dispensaries total product exclusively on hand for medical patients

The cost of therapeutic cannabis treatments in Massachusetts can get relatively expensive depending on the dosage you require. The average price per ounce for high quality cannabis is $340, which makes the tax a minimum of $68. The cost of getting an MMJ card at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers is only $200 (talk to one of our experts for more information). We will base our calculations on the this cost. So, you would need to use a minimum of three ounces a year to see the savings.

– Average: $340 per ounce

– 20% Tax on an ounce averages $68

– Cost of a MMJ Card at Medwell Health and Wellness Centers is $200

– No. of Oz. per Year to Start Saving on Tax & MMJ Card Costs: 3

Other benefits of MMJ card certification

Besides avoiding the 20% tax, there are other benefits that go along with keeping your MMJ card certification like receiving delivery services instead of having to go out and pick it up. You can also take advantage of unrestricted dispensary menu options. MMJ card holders don’t have a daily allowance limit like recreational users do. Plus, you can be sure that you will always get product since dispensaries must reserve enough specifically for MMJ card holders.

Remember: If you could fly first class for less than what others are paying for coach seating, would you? You don’t have to when you keep your MMJ card certification especially when you use Medwell Health and Wellness Centers.

The best way to be sure you are up to date and getting the best price for your certification is to set up an appointment with one of our offices. Click here to set up your appointment today.