Now Offering Medical Marijuana Certifications in Brookline

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Now Offering Medical Marijuana Certifications in Brookline

Pain-free living is now right around the corner. MedWell Health and Wellness Center has opened a brand new location near you. We are now located next to Firehouse and Brook House at 44 Washington St., Brookline, MA.

Come see us! We have exciting news in the world of pain relief. Whether you are suffering from Arthritis, back pain, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or even Cancer, MedWell Health and Wellness can help. Beginning September 11th, we are now accepting Medical Marijuana Certification Appointments.

Medwell Health and Wellness Centers offers a Referral incentive. If you know of a friend or family member in need of our service both you and your Referral will receive $10 off your next Medical Marijuana Certification appointment.

If you’ve never considered medical marijuana, check out some of the benefits.

Relieves Chronic Pain
An October 2016 study recently published by The Spine Journal showed 90% of patients with chronic spine pain who chose to use medical marijuana found relief. A 2016 University of Michigan study found that the use of cannabis improved quality of life, decreased medication side effects and reduced the use of opioids by 64%.

Improves Mental Health
Contrary to common misconceptions, Medical Marijuana can benefit mental health and has been used to treat Depression, Alcoholism, even Phobias and Schizophrenia!

Safe and Effective
Did you know that no one has ever died from a cannabis overdose? According to the Drug Awareness Warning Network Annual Report, no recorded death has been caused by cannabis. Studies seem to show death by cannabis to be impossible!

Treatment Options
Medical Marijuana Certification is available for a wide variety of chronic conditions including Asthma, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain and so many more. Medical Marijuana has been used to effectively treat a variety of cancers and lessen the negative side effects of chemotherapy.

“I was in chronic pain all the time. It was unbearable and then I found MedWell Health. The alternative pain therapies they offer were a perfect fit. Conventional medicine just was not an option for me due to “side effects”…These services truly changed my life.” – Billy North

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to get all the answers you need!

How do you become a legal Medical Marijuana patient? Contact us at MedWell Health for an appointment. Our Medical Marijuana Certification team will walk you through the basics of Massachusetts law, identifying and treating your condition, and take you step by step toward a pain-free life!

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